AgTech Engineering Companies Flourishing in India’s Innovative Agricultural Industry

2024 Update
January 5, 2024

India, over the past few years, has become a breeding ground for startups in the AgTech industry. Recently established companies are embracing innovative digital technologies to bring about a revolution in the agricultural sector. With their focus primarily on improving efficiency, reducing waste, and maximizing output through the application of technology, startups are reformulating traditional agricultural practices. This piece takes a deep dive into the 11 Indian companies, founded in 2015 or later, that are advancing Indian Agritech.

All these companies have a unique selling point and a different approach to improving the agricultural sector. From market linkage and trade-facilitation to precision farming and quality control, these startups offer a wide range of solutions. They are transforming farming as we know it, making it more sustainable and profitable for farmers, whilst also ensuring consumers have access to high-quality food products. The startups span across different fields within the AgTech industry and vary in sizes. However, their common denominator is their commitment to pushing the boundaries of the Indian agriculture industry.

Let’s take a closer look at these companies, understanding what they do, analysing their impact, and seeing how they are individually contributing to the growth of the AgTech industry in India. The companies are categorized alphabetically, providing an unbiased view of the startups making a significant difference in this pivotal industry.


CultYvate, found by Bhavana Mallesh and Mallesh T M, is an Ag-Tech company revolutionizing agricultural practices with automated farming systems. They offer smart farming technologies for modern agrarian solutions based on precision agriculture technology to improve farm management practices. Their AI technologies analyze various climatic conditions to determine crop water need.


Founded by Santosh Kumar, Digichorus is a unique company that provides a farm produce search platform. This startup designs and develops a mobile-based platform to connect agricultural buyers and agents with the sellers of the agriculture produce, making trade more efficient and transparent.

HAV Tractors

HAV Tractors are an agtech startup offering futuristic solutions for various agricultural challenges. The company is a part of the Proxecto team that seeks to improve farmers’ productivity and lives. They have innovatively designed a fuel-efficient hybrid agricultural vehicle (HAV) ready for mass production under the “Make in India” initiative to redefine the existing agrarian sector.

Intello Labs

Devendra Chandani and Milan Sharma established Intello Labs, a startup using image matching and machine learning to measure the quality of crops. Intello Labs provides advanced image recognition technology that can recognize objects, faces, flora fauna, and tag them in any image.


Arun Kumar, Niranjan Sharma, and Praveen Tiwary co-founded Kisanserv, a market linkage AgriTech company optimizing price discovery and procurement across different segments. The company leverages the power of technology and operational experience to optimize market linkage within food sourcing. Today, they have over 100+ business partners and have served 1 million customers.


Ninjacart is an online business-to-business platform that connects farmers, manufacturers, and brands to retailers directly through a lean and connected supply chain. Its platform enables the distribution of vegetables and fruits to retailers and restaurants across India.

Our Food

Our Food, established by Bala Reddy, Raghu Prasad Mulukoju, and Shashikanth Menchu, is a technology-driven Farmer Franchising Platform that adds value to a farmer’s produce. Their platform is centred around new-age low-cost, micro-processing units owned by farmers and buoyant market linkages.

Tractor Junction

Tractor Junction established by Rajat Gupta is an online digital platform to buy, sell, finance, insurance, service, new/used tractor and farm implements. They focus on providing an agricultural product at a fair price and in a simpler and transparent process.

J K Arora founded, the world’s first Next-Generation B2B inquiry to delivery trade enabling platform facilitating trade of Agri-commodities, raw industrial and construction material, across the globe. works by standardizing buyer requirements and arranging live negotiations with verified sellers capable of supplying the buyer on the platform on standardized trade policies.

Triton Foodworks

Triton Foodworks founded by Deepak Kukreja, Dhruv Khanna, Rachit Sethia, and Ullas Samrat develop and deploy integrated systems to grow food that is better for the planet. They leverage the latest advances in robotics, automation, sensor technology, LED Lighting, and data analytics to enhance food growth methods.


Waycool, co-founded by Karthik Jayaraman and Sanjay Dasari, processes, distributes, and procures fresh produce, dairy products, and staples. The company helps increase farmers’ income, through innovative quality management and food safety technology. WayCool establishes direct links to farmers and consumers using physical and information technology.

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