California Manufacturing: Engineering Companies Revolutionising the Industry

January 12, 2024

California has been home to many groundbreaking developments in various engineering sectors ever since the initiation of Silicon Valley. Recently, it has seen an explosion in innovative manufacturing companies, started in 2015 or later, evolving traditional manufacturing processes. Whether it’s in agriculture, biotechnology, automotive, or construction, these companies are altering the way we view and consume goods. This article looks at some of the most influential manufacturing startups in California.

The manufacturing industry is a vast field encompassing various sectors. Today, with the assistance of technology, manufacturing has taken a new shape. The companies mentioned in this article are not confined to one particular sector; instead, they tackle multiple disciplines in the manufacturing industry. From creating new chemicals from renewable sources (PEEC) to optimizing building design and construction (Katerra) — these companies are trailblazers in their respective sub-sectors.

In addition to the diverse sectors of operation, these manufacturers also vary in their geographic locations across California. From the high-tech hub of Menlo Park to the sunny town of Temecula, they represent a broad range of California’s demographics and business atmospheres. Despite the variations, they all share a common goal: to revolutionize conventional manufacturing through innovation and technology.

PEEC – Pacific Enviro-Electro Chemistry

PEEC , or Pacific Enviro-Electro Chemistry, is a company that resides at the intersection of agriculture, biotechnology, manufacturing, and renewable energy. They are working toward the ambitious goal of replacing large parts of the petrochemical industry with a renewable chemical industry, using proprietary electrolysis-based chemical processes. They are in talks with several regional and international chemical sellers to become part of their supply chain.


Katerra is a technology company that is optimizing every aspect of building development design and construction. They are using their global team’s experience in design, software and building engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, and construction to create a more efficient construction development process.


Sector111 is a company offering premium products and services for automotive enthusiasts. They specialize in automotive parts and accessories, creating a portfolio of elemental sports cars.


BattSwap has developed an innovative solution for electric and self-driving cars – a technology that allows fully automatic energy recovery in just a few minutes. Their solution is ideal for commercial fleets, providing continuous and economically effective operation.


Relimetrics is a computer vision and machine learning software company. They provide audit-proof quality inspection and process control for Industry 4.0 Applications using real-time image processing and video analytics.


FactoryFour provides a manufacturing execution system rebuilt around a modern technology stack. Their quick to deploy manufacturing management solutions increase predictability, productivity, and profit.


Based in Palo Alto, VIMANA operates in manufacturing and automotive industries.


BASU is a consumer electronics company developing products for personal safety. Their innovative eAlarm features have multiple applications, such as travel, jogging, commuting, and exploring.


Cuberg is delivering high-performance lithium metal cells, perfect for electromobility solutions.


In Los Angeles, healthcare and manufacturing meet in Voilave , a company that operates in the healthcare, lifestyle, manufacturing, and medical sectors.

NEO Tech

NEO Tech provides high-quality electronics and robust manufacturing solutions, focusing mostly on low-medium volume/high-mix, high-complexity products.

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