California’s Emerging AgTech Engineering Companies Flourishing in Innovation

2024 Update
January 5, 2024

AgTech has been quickly shaping up to be the future of farming – with Californian companies taking the lead. The past few years have seen an explosion of innovation in this area, with startups and established companies alike looking to harness the power of technology to streamline processes, increase productivity and sustainability in the sector. Here are some AgTech companies, established in 2015 and onwards, that are setting new trends in California’s AgTech industry.

Farmers in California are faced with myriad challenges – drought, labor shortage, and a growing need for sustainability. The past five years have proved ample ground for AgTech innovation, attracting not just top-notch talent but also investors. As these companies put everything from Big Data to drones to work, it’s clear they are making headway in addressing a wide array of these problems.

Undoubtedly, much of the credit for the boom in AgTech belongs to innovation-friendly agricultural policies, a broad pool of talent to recruit from and course, the incredible tech ecosystem being nurtured in the state of California. Meet some of the trailblazers powering the AgTech revolution from California.

UAV-IQ Precision Agriculture

Founded by Andreas Neuman, Michael Clark, and Thomas Grandperrin, UAV-IQ Precision Agriculture is a cutting edge AgTech company pioneering the use of drones in farming. From biological pest control to crop scouting, UAV-IQ stands out with its revolutionary use of UAV technology in agriculture.Facebook | LinkedIn


With its roots in Salinas, California, HeavyConnect, founded by Jessica Gonzalez and Patrick Zelaya, is a cloud-based compliance management platform. Its data collection and analysis tools enable richer insights and simplification of compliance-related tasks for food organizations.Facebook | LinkedIn


WaterBit, founded by Leif Chastaine and Manu Pillai, has developed an automated irrigation solution leveraging AI to improve yield, ensure crop quality, optimize water usage, and implement labor-saving strategies. The company is based out of San Jose, California.Facebook | LinkedIn

Teksun Inc

Teksun Inc places a strong emphasis on innovation and affordability in their mission to become a global technology leader. Founders Amrut Kamani, Brijesh Jagani, and Brijesh Kamani have formed a diverse team to achieve this goal.Facebook | LinkedIn

Yamaha Motor Ventures & Laboratory Silicon Valley

Yamaha Motor Ventures & Laboratory Silicon Valley is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage companies in the AgTech, robotics, and food industries. Founded in 2015 by Hiro Saijou, YMVSV is located in Palo Alto, California.Facebook | LinkedIn


Based in Santa Cruz, California, Tend dedicates itself to assisting small scale farmers to maximize quality food production. This startup was founded by Avi Benaroya.Facebook


AgShift, based in San Jose, mixes AI, IoT, and machine learning to reduce food waste and improve food quality. Founded by Miku Jha, AgShift’s main offering is Hydra, an AI-enabled food quality analyzer.Facebook | LinkedIn


Developing technology to enhance plant growth is the main motive of Cloudponics. Founders Nicolas Ruiz and Pepijn van der Krogt are committed to improving the way we grow plants.Facebook | LinkedIn


Edyza, co-founded by Atul Patel and Rana Basheer, uses high-density connectivity and computing to enable IoT in various sectors like agriculture, industrial, commercial, and government.Facebook | LinkedIn


San Francisco-based FarmWise, founded by Sébastien Boyer and Thomas Palomares in 2016, offers technology-based tools that allow farmers to streamline operations and increase food production efficiency.


Founded by Jonathan Destler, Opti-Harvest aims to solve several critical challenges faced by agribusinesses. Its technology platforms enable growers to harness, optimize, and better utilize sunlight.LinkedIn

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