Canada’s Emerging Manufacturing Engineering Companies: Rising Industry Influencers

January 31, 2024

Canada has been the birthplace of many innovative manufacturing companies in recent years, and several have really begun to make a significant impact on their respective industries. Established from 2015 onwards, these diverse businesses range from high-tech electronic and digital solutions to more traditional manufacturing efforts. Here we spotlight a few of these leading-edge companies and delve into their industries, locations, founders, and a brief introduction to what they do.

These companies, all based in Canada and begun within the last half-decade or so, span a number of engineering sectors, sharing in common a focus on manufacturing. Cutting-edge, bringing new ideas and visions to life, they are a testament to the thriving, dynamic engineering scene in Canada. This list includes electronics and semiconductor producer One Silicon Chip Photonics, green energy manufacturing corporation World Energy Canada Inc. among many other flourishing businesses.

Each company offers unique solutions to pressing market needs, and they are transforming the traditional landscape of their respective industries. Some are redefining the way we understand electronics, while others pioneer fresh means of manufacturing or discovering more sustainable ways of producing energy. We invite you to take a closer look at these groundbreaking Canadian manufacturing companies established in 2015 or later.

One Silicon Chip Photonics

Based in Montréal, Quebec, One Silicon Chip Photonics is reshaping the Electronics, Manufacturing, and Semiconductor industry. Founded by Kazem Zandi and Richard Williston, the company develops a micro-scale optical-integrated gyroscopes and 6-axis Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs), offering far superior performance in a compact, low-power, and affordable package. More information can be found on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

World Energy Canada

World Energy Canada Inc. or WE-CAN, located in Calgary, Alberta, has multi-dimensional industry focus which includes Automotive, Chemical, Electronics, Energy, Fuel, Manufacturing, Mining, Renewable Energy, and Solar. The company works on the development of environmentally friendly energy solutions such as diesel replacements, solar energy solutions, and clean battery technology.

Kouala Lighthouse

Operating out of Toronto, Ontario, and operating in the Hardware, Manufacturing, Product Design, Software, and Wearables industry, Kouala Lighthouse has yet to divulge specific information regarding their business but is one to watch in the burgeoning startup scene.

Saint-Augustin Canada Electric

Located in Saint-augustin, Quebec, Saint-Augustin Canada Electric operates in the Electronics, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain Management industry. More information about the company can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Blissbath and kitchen

Blissbath and kitchen, based in Markham, Ontario, has become a prominent player in the Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, and Retail industries. The company specialises in high-quality bath and kitchen products – their efforts have shaped them into one of Canada’s largest retailers for quality name brand Bath and Kitchen product stores. More about them can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.


Nanophyll, headquartered in Montréal, Quebec, operates in Electronics, Manufacturing sectors. Founders Charles Boudreault has developed a focus on anti-corrosive and anti-fouling coatings with their proprietary hydrophobic nano-coatings. You can learn more about their innovative solutions on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Palo Santo Company

Based in Toronto, Ontario, the Palo Santo Company is a wholesaler of premium palo santo products sourced ethically from Peru operating in E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Personal Health, Retail, Wellness, and Wholesale. More can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

Agility Technologies Corporation

Agility Technologies Corporation, located in Richmond, British Columbia, is made up of founders Andy Ibbetson, Kornelis Kuiper, Matt Fiddes, and operates in Communication Hardware, Hardware, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Manufacturing, Product Design, Public Safety, Virtual Reality, Wireless. The company produces next generation communication technology products for technical rescue, industrial, law enforcement, and military personnel. Learn more about them on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Evive, founded by Claudia Poulin and Dominic Dube and based in Montréal, Quebec, specializes in producing frozen smoothie cubes with nutritious ingredients and plant-based proteins. They fall under the segment of Food and Beverage, Food Processing, Manufacturing, Nutrition. Useful information about them can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

G2V Optics

Based in Edmonton, Alberta and founded by Michael Taschuk, G2V Optics focuses on improving food production for a growing population by reducing fresh water and land use. They develop efficient ‘engineered sunlight’​ technology for commercial growers. Learn more about them on their LinkedIn profile.

Northstar Robotics

The last addition to our list, Northstar Robotics, is a company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Founders Pedro Fernando Pereira and Shawn Schaerer are launching an aftermarket autonomy retrofit kit and cloud platform for heavy equipment. More information can be found on their LinkedIn profile.

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