Canadian Companies Impacting Precious Metals Engineering Sector Since 2015

February 10, 2024

Canada is a fertile breeding ground for engineering and manufacturing companies in the Precious Metals Industry. Knowing these companies’ founders, location, and area of specialization is a handy resource in the ever-evolving field of metals engineering. Today, we will focus on companies that were founded in 2015 or later, and that continue to make significant contributions to the industry.

To understand these companies’ value, we will analyse their area of expertise, the products and services they offer, and how their work impacts their field. This will reveal how innovative startups have transformed the precious metals sector, bringing new ideas and technologies to the table that revolutionize the industry’s traditional norms.

Within this article, we will look at various Precious Metals Industry subsectors, including but not limited to mineral mining, machinery manufacturing, jewelry design, and packaging services. This wide range of subsectors demonstrates the diverse applications and significant potential that this industry holds. The companies examined were all started in 2015 or after and are based in Canada.

Mainland Machinery

Founded in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Mainland Machinery operates in the realms of Machinery Manufacturing, Manufacturing, Precious Metals, and Product Design. Connect with Mainland Machinery on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Altium packing

This company, based in Anjou, Quebec, is a crucial player in the Chemical, Packaging Services, and Precious Metals industry. You can follow them on Facebook.

ETBO Tool & Die

ETBO Tool & Die is based in Aylmer, Ontario. They operate in multiple sectors including DIY, Manufacturing, Precious Metals, Product Design, Productivity Tools, and Supply Chain Management. You can find more about ETBO Tool & Die on their LinkedIn page.

Jeff Walters Jewellers

This company is located in Barrie, Ontario, Canada and operates within the realm of fashion, jewelry, precious metals, retail, and sales. They also have a strong digital presence, as seen on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Roscan Gold

Roscan Gold is focused on mineral, mining, and precious metals extraction and is located in Bedford, Nova Scotia. You can find more about them on LinkedIn.

Ucore Rare Metals

Also situated in Bedford, Nova Scotia, Ucore Rare Metals is dedicated to mining, natural resources, and precious metals. You can follow their work on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Sylla Gold

Operating from Bedford, Nova Scotia, Sylla Gold is an exploration stage company operating in the mineral, mining, and precious metals industries.


Megumagold, based in Bedford, Nova Scotia, operates in the mineral, mining, and precious metals sectors.


Sixpro, located in Bon Conseil, Quebec, is a key industry player in the Industrial, Machinery Manufacturing, Manufacturing, and Precious Metals sectors. Connect with Sixpro on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Kintavar Exploration

Kintavar Exploration is a natural resource corporation located in Boucherville, Quebec, primarily focused on the exploration and development of precious metal and base metals properties.

Strateco Resources Inc

Strateco Resources Inc, based in Boucherville, Quebec, is a prominent operator in the mineral, mining, and precious metals sectors.

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