Emerging Delhi-Based Manufacturing Engineering Companies Worth Noting

January 24, 2024

The manufacturing industry in India, specifically Delhi, has seen a surge in new companies since 2015. These emerging enterprises provide innovative solutions across a variety of sectors, ranging from hardware and industrial manufacturing to lifestyle products and digital technologies. In this article, we will be highlighting some of these pioneering companies that contribute significantly to the dynamic and progressive landscape of Delhi’s manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing has always been a significant growth driver for economies worldwide, and Delhi is no exception. The companies we are featuring not only assert Delhi’s position as a leading manufacturing hub in India but also exemplify the enterprising spirit of its entrepreneurs. So, let’s delve into these revolutionary businesses shaping the future of Delhi’s manufacturing sector.

The companies mentioned below have introduced innovative ideas and groundbreaking technologies in the manufacturing industry. They have not only contributed to the economic growth of Delhi but have also made significant strides in incorporating sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in their operations.


Founded in 2015, Botshape is a manufacturing company based in New Delhi. Though the founders have chosen to stay anonymous, their revolutionary work in advanced manufacturing doesn’t go unnoticed. You can follow them on @botshape on Twitter or visit their Facebook page Botshape. For more company details, visit their LinkedIn page.


Based in New Delhi, Stanlay is another manufacturing company making waves in the telecommunications industry. They specialise in the manufacturing of Pipe & Cable locators. Stay connected with them on their Facebook page.


Minjal.in established in 2015, is a Delhi-based manufacturing company. Follow them on their Twitter handle @minjaltoys or their Facebook page.

Lotus Card Studio

Lotus Card Studio is a premium manufacturing company focussed on events stationery. Operating across diverse sectors, including E-commerce, events, fashion, and lifestyle, this company offers personalised and customized stationery products for their esteemed clientele. Stay connected with them on Twitter @lotuscardstudio, their Facebook page or LinkedIn.


Founded by Ashwani Singh, BasicShit is a company pivoting on innovating sustainable toilet solutions. Follow them on Twitter @basicshitorg and their Facebook page to stay updated.


Breaking new grounds in 3D Printing, Internet of Things and Manufacturing, AutoAbode, founded by Shubham Garg, is a company to watch. You can connect with them through their Twitter handle @autoabode, Facebook page, or LinkedIn.

SPV Laboratories

Based in Delhi, SPV Laboratories, founded by Sanchit Garg, is a health and wellness products manufacturing company. With German Engineering at its core, the company provides 100% Ayurvedic products, free from harmful substances.

Nao Spirits & Beverages

Nao Spirits & Beverages is a prominent player in the manufacturing of craft spirits in New Delhi. For more details, check out their LinkedIn page.


Strauss based in Chattarpur, Delhi, offers high-quality gym and exercise equipment. You can follow them on Twitter at @Strauss_Sport and visit their Facebook page.

Ziptrax CleanTech

Founded by Ms Sonu (Sonia) Singh and Rohan Singh Bais, Ziptrax CleanTech provides Closed Loop Recycling for Li-ion Batteries. Check them out on Twitter @ZiptraxTech, Facebook and LinkedIn.

PSM Global Impex

Founded by Puneet Chadha, PSM Global Impex is a manufacturing company specialising in hardware and industrial products. Visit their Facebook page to know more.

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