Emerging German Manufacturing Companies Revolutionizing the Engineering Industry

January 31, 2024

Germany is internationally renowned for its engineering prowess. This is evident across a broad spectrum of industries, but is particularly striking within the manufacturing sector. The advent of Industry 4.0 technologies in recent years has further propelled the nation to the forefront of global manufacturing. Remarkably, several innovative engineering companies have emerged since 2015, exhibiting considerable ingenuity in their respective niches. This article showcases a selection of these pioneering German manufacturing companies, many of which are revolutionising the industry and setting new global standards.

Germany’s new generation of manufacturing companies can largely be divided into two groups: those that are leveraging advancements in digital technology to overhaul traditional manufacturing practices, and those producing newer products that cater to the evolving global environment. The former includes companies such as Rioprinto UG (haftungsbeschränkt), Imprimere AG, Cevotec, Saralon and CPS Technologies, which are using technologies ranging from 3D printing to artificial intelligence to revolutionise their niche areas. The latter category includes companies such as Toposens, Gerotor, REDNUX and SolarMax, which are producing cleaner energy solutions and smarter devices using sustainable manufacturing practices.

Regardless of their specific focus, these companies all share a common goal: the enhancement of manufacturing through innovation. Their efforts not only contribute to the dynamism of the nation’s economy but also signal the exciting future of manufacturing both in Germany and worldwide.

Rioprinto UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Rioprinto UG (haftungsbeschränkt) is a 3D printing service provider specialising in Rapid Prototyping and 3D printing. Located in Wernau, Baden-Wurtemberg, Germany, the company was co-founded by Manuel Stange. Rioprinto’s offerings include the creation of CAD data, subsequent data printing and surface refinement of clients’ components.

Imprimere AG

Imprimere AG, an engineering company based in Altdorf specializes in the development and selling of 3D printers for concrete,
and has been committed to the project since February 2015. Anton Niederberger, one of the prominent individuals behind the company, has achieved significant progress in various sectors, from food to medical to heavy-duty industries.


Another standout player in this space, Cevotec, is a Munich-based automation specialist empowering manufacturers to produce complex composites in high volume and exceptional quality. The company’s founders include Felix Michl, Neven Majic, and Thorsten Groene. Cevotec’s SAMBA systems, based on Fiber Patch Placement technology, offer fully automated fiber layup systems with integrated process control.

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