Emerging Los Angeles Manufacturing Engineering Companies: Industry Spotlight

January 10, 2024

Los Angeles, the bustling metropolis known for its entertainment industry, is also home to a burgeoning collection of up-and-coming companies in the manufacturing sector. From the production of software and medical supplies to clothing lines and clean energy solutions, these companies are leading the charge in innovation and technological advancements. This article provides an introduction to some of these exciting organizations. They all share common, defining traits — they were all established after 2015 and are headquartered in the City of Angels.

As a broad and diverse industry, manufacturing in Los Angeles covers an extensive range of sectors. Some companies focus on products for end consumers, others produce equipment and materials for other corporations, while some dabble in software manufacturing. What is clear from the array of companies featured in our series is that the manufacturing industry in LA is a dynamic, evolving and integral part of the city’s economy.

This compilation comprises unique and forward-thinking companies, ranging from those specializing in digital manufacturing solutions, beauty and skincare products, fashion e-commerce platforms, agricultural equipment, clean energy, virtual reality gear, to robotics. Whether you’ve heard of them before or they’re entirely new to you, each company brings something invaluable to the table. Without further ado, let’s dive in and get to know these companies better.


Co-founded by Alex Mathews and Param Shah, FactoryFour focuses on building modern manufacturing execution systems that are customizable, easy to use, and quick to deploy. Their solutions aim to boost predictability, productivity, and profitability for their customers. You can find more about them on LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter at @internetofmfg.


Operating in the health care, lifestyle, and medical manufacturing industries, Voilave is a company with significant potential. Check out their latest updates on their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter at @voilaveskincare.

Fashion 88

Envisioned by Navjeet Chhina, Fashion 88 is revolutionizing fashion retailing with an e-commerce platform. Look forward to their Virtual Fitting Room scheduled for release this year.

SHO Products

Spearheaded by founders Samuel Jurist and Vincent D’Accolti, SHO Products not only manufacture their own products but also distribute complementary product lines. More about them can be found on their LinkedIn page.


Established by founder Sachin Malode Melody, EcoLogik aims to provide safer and stronger batteries to a broad market. They focus on clean energy and renewable energy sectors and are making a significant impact.

Smart Theater LLC

As a leading manufacturer in mobile VR headsets, Smart Theater LLC provides fashionable and affordable VR options for consumers worldwide. Stay updated with them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter at @smarttheatervr.

Dayan Holdings LLC

Dayan Holdings LLC is another notable company that was established by Aimee Angle Dayan. Despite being in its nascent stage, this manufacturing company shows considerable promise.

Waste Capital

Specializing in the intersection of manufacturing and real estate, Waste Capital is a company to watch out for in the coming years.

BRCHN Design House

Merging art and science, BRCHN Design House is breaking boundaries in product design, manufacturing, and robotics. Check out their work on their Facebook page or get connected with them on LinkedIn.


GS-JJ is an e-commerce website that offers exceptional quality promotional gifts merchandise. If you need your own custom lapel pins, medals, or other items, GS-JJ is the place for you. Follow their latest updates on Facebook and connect with them on Twitter at @GS_Promo_Inc.

Lucy Goods

Founded by David Renteln and John Coogan, Lucy Goods provides cleaner and more convenient nicotine products as part of their mission to reduce tobacco-related harm to zero. Check out their LinkedIn page, follow them on Twitter at @lucynicotine, or like their Facebook page.

In conclusion, these are just some of the rising manufacturing companies based in Los Angeles that are reshaping their respective industries. They are proof that LA is not just the city of Angels but also a city of innovative manufacturing companies.

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