Emerging Manufacturing Engineering Companies Flourishing in Karnataka’s Industrial Sector

January 24, 2024

The manufacturing sector has been evolving rapidly, particularly in the state of Karnataka in India where a new generation of engineering companies have emerged since 2015. These promising engineering enterprises have successfully adapted to the modern industrial landscape, creating cutting-edge solutions across a wide range of industries. In this article, we delve into the exciting world of these manufacturing pioneers, exploring their innovative products, dynamic teams, and the revolutionary impact they are making in the industry.

From environmental awareness to advanced automation techniques and ingenious manufacturing practices, these enterprises highlight the diverse richness of the manufacturing industry. These young companies have not only established strong footholds in Karnataka’s vibrant industrial sector, but are also shining examples of inventive strategies that leverage the latest technological advancements to revolutionize traditional manufacturing concepts.

Let’s plunge into the story behind each of these exciting enterprises, exploring their journey, their products, and the unique solutions they bring to the manufacturing industry. Every one of these promising young companies is a shining beacon of engineering prowess, technological innovation, and manufacturing excellence.

Tern Studio

Tern Studio is a manufacturing company based in Bangalore, Karnataka. The company focuses on creating quality products, cementing their place in the manufacturing industry. Even though the company was founded recently, they have already made a significant impact in their chosen field.

Xboom Utilities Pvt Ltd

Founded by Vishal Saurav, Xboom Utilities Pvt Ltd operates at the intersection of the automotive, e-commerce, logistics, and manufacturing sectors in Bangalore. The team is passionate about providing self-defense products to the masses. They are committed to offering modern, easy-to-use, efficient products at reasonable prices, ensuring excellent value for money.


Offering personalized manufacturing solutions, Akaar was founded by Bhavesh Kumar and Nikhil Bhansali. By providing seamless end-to-end solutions that include design correction, material procurement, quality checks, and doorstep delivery, Akaar has simplified the manufacturing process.


Situated in Bangalore, BETH LIFESTYLE PRIVATE LIMITED operates in the lifestyle, manufacturing, and real estate sectors. The vision of founder Tony Thomas remains pivotal to the company’s operations as they continue to provide quality products in their range.

NDS Eco Motors

Deepika Reddy and Natish Reddy co-founded NDS Eco Motors, a company operating in Bangalore with a focus on the automotive, electric vehicle, and manufacturing industries. They are committed to creating quality products that are both innovative and practical.

Senzopt Technologies

Specializing in IoT solutions for energy efficiency, Senzopt Technologies was founded by Manjunath Hebbar, Satya Gupta, and Satyam Trivedi. The company offers integrated services that include sensors, controllers, algorithms, and software, propelling it to the forefront of industry automation.


Wakefit is a sleep and home solutions company that offers high-quality mattresses at affordable prices. Ankit Garg and Chaitanya Ramalingegowda co-founded the firm, which has expanded its product range to include sofas, coffee tables, wardrobes and other furnishings.


GO DESi was started by Raksha Kothari and Vinay Kothari. GO DESi is a food and beverage company that takes pride in its local produce that combines tradition, taste and modern packaging to deliver delectable products.


KWIK24 is an IoT-enabled snack vending machine manufacturer. Co-founders Neeraj Ray, Sameer Shariff and Samir Duggal have created smart vending machines that provide convenience and taste in a package, reflecting the company’s innovation and excellence.

Third Wave Coffee

Anirudh Sharma, Ayush Bathwal, and Sushant Goel co-founded Third Wave Coffee. Based in Bengaluru, the company is known for their small-batch, high-quality roasted coffee beans that cater to the expanding coffee culture in India.


Founded by Adithya VS, Parivarthan Reddy, Santhosh Kumar, and Vidyashankar C, Tvasta is an innovative company operating in the 3D printing space. They are committed to developing cutting-edge products and technologies that revolutionize product development and delivery in various industries.

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