Exploring London-Based Biotech Engineering Companies: Modern Innovators in the Industry

2024 Update
January 5, 2024

Biotechnology is an industry that has seen rapid growth and transformation in recent years. Thanks to advances in scientific research and technological innovation, companies in this sector are working on game-changing solutions in healthcare, agriculture and the environment. This article will spotlight several notable biotechnology firms, all of which were founded in 2015 or later and are currently headquartered in London.

All these companies exhibit a strong pioneering spirit, a relentless pursuit of innovation and the unyielding belief in the potential of biotechnology to transform human lives and societies. These are more than just businesses – they are pioneers pushing the boundaries of science and technology, in the quest for knowledge, discovery and the advancement of human health.

Through their ground-breaking work, these trailblazers are redefining what’s possible within their fields and reshaping the biotechnology landscape not just in London, but across the world. Let’s delve into their stories.

Mereo Biopharma

Co-founded by Denise Scots-Knight, Mereo Biopharma specializes in funding and developing novel, innovative products in the health care sector. The company acquires and advances selected drug candidates from large pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies striving to produce innovative medicines for people suffering from rare and specialized conditions around the world. Their focus lies in sectors ripe for enhancement with critical under-served medical needs.


Launched by Johannes Solzbach, Niklas Friedberg, and Tobias Wingbergmühle, Clustermarket is a leader in digitally managing research in life-sciences laboratories. They aim to democratise access to expensive equipment and services, and assist pre-existing labs to manage, connect, and share resources, allowing for faster and more efficient market breakthroughs.


Co-founded by Rasmus Hansen and Sacha Carton, Airfinity offers trusted predictive health analytics for decision-makers. The company specializes in infectious diseases, using analytic solutions to create accurate disease forecasts and provide actionable insights into health trends.


Founded by Ben Reeve, Gabriella Santosa, and Henrik HagemannPuraffinity is a pioneer in the development of precision materials for the removal of pollutants from water systems. Utilizing advanced supramolecular chemistry to bind target chemicals, Puraffinity leads in creating environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions for prominent water quality challenges.

Arix Bioscience

Under the leadership of Robert Lyne, Arix Bioscience acts as a global venture capital firm that provides the financial resources and expertise needed to develop their innovative treatments and, as a publicly traded company, brings biotechnology investment to a wider range of investors.

Tropic Biosciences

Headed by co-founders Eyal Maori, Gilad Gershon, and Ofir Meir, Tropic Biosciences aims to create high-performing commercial varieties of tropical crops to promote grower wellness, consumer health, and improved, sustainable environmental practices using non-GMO gene-editing techniques.

GammaDelta Therapeutics

Founded by Adrian Hayday, GammaDelta Therapeutics is leading the development of an improved immunotherapy of cancer and other serious diseases by exploiting the unique properties of gamma delta (γδ) cells.

Enara Bio

Collaboration between Drew Mark Pardoll, George Kassiotis, and Houman Ashrafian has led to the creation of Enara Bio. They develop new targeted cancer immunotherapies using novel antigens derived from endogenous retroviral (ERV)-related DNA sequences. Their aim is to treat a broad patient population with effective immunotherapies.


Initiated by Jonathan Sieff and Lee Davy-Martin, Polymateria, is revolutionising the plastics industry by advancing science to help nature deal with plastic pollution. Its innovative “Biotransformation” technology is designed to fully degrade common forms of plastic, leaving zero environmental harm or microplastics in the process.

Atlas Biomed Group

Co-founded by Andrey Perfilyev and Sergey Musienko, Atlas Biomed Group utilizes the latest genetic technologies to inspire consumers into a positive lifestyle change, leading them toward a healthier future.


Giuseppe Mazza’s Engitix uses proprietary human organ decellularisation technology to develop tissue-engineered products for application in regenerative medicine and drug-target research. Ultimately, Engitix aims to drive innovation in the treatment and research of liver disease.

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