Exploring Swiss Biotech Engineering Companies

January 8, 2024

The biotechnology scene in Switzerland is vibrant and exciting, with new start-ups frequently emerging to tackle current problems with innovative solutions. These companies are driving important advancements in fields such as health care, neuroscience, pharmacology, and many more. The following are some of the companies founded after 2015 that are shaking things up in the Swiss biotechnology industry.


Founded by Kyriakos Kokkoris, Omaya Dudin, and Samer Yammine, Karmagenes has its headquarters in Monthey, Valais. The company specializes in the intersection of Biotechnology, Gamification, Genetics, Health Care, Psychology, and Wellness. With the belief that who we are is defined by both our Nature and Nurture, Karmagenes seeks to help us better understand ourselves and our full potential. Their unique methodology uses algorithmic behavioral analysis based on a polygenic approach complemented with a custom psychometric assessment to provide an as complete as possible behavioral evaluation. Learn more about Karmagenes on Facebook, LinkedIn, or via their website.

NovaGo Therapeutics

Founded by Martin E. Schwab and Roger M. Nitsch, NovaGo Therapeutics is located in Schlieren, Zurich. The company is focused on the development of human antibody therapeutics targeting cerebral stroke and spinal cord injury to stimulate nerve repair and regeneration. NovaGo Therapeutics has strategic partnership with Neurimmune which provides access to a unique class of human-derived antibodies with exceptional therapeutic properties generated through their Reverse Translational Medicine™ (RTM™) technology platform.

Demiurge Technologies AG

Located in Zug, Demiurge Technologies AG is a pioneering company in the Biotechnology and Neuroscience fields. Founded by Bragi Lovetrue and Idonae Lovetrue, the company focuses on high-accuracy MoA-based prediction of clinical trial outcomes. Learn more about Demiurge Technologies AG on their LinkedIn page, or via their website.


JuroJinX, located in Zug, offers a holistic approach combining several disciplines from classic science to arrive at a more beneficial product development. Founded by Avi Kriek and Sergey Sprishevsky, the company aims to deliver essential food and nutritional technologies for Consumer Packed Goods with the best properties modern technologies can offer today. These innovative applications help to reduce the risk of exposure to dangerous health disorders such as Obesity, Diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.


Inositec, with headquarters in Zurich, is a biotech company that develops treatments for soft tissue calcification disorders based on its proprietary Inositune platform of inositol phosphate (IP6) analogs. Founded by Mattias Ivarsson in 2015, Inositec’s lead programs address vascular and renal calcification disorders, including orphan indications. Find Inositec on their LinkedIn page, or via their website.

Intelligent Sensory concept

Launched by Nicolas Fantuz, Intelligent Sensory Concept (ISC) has its headquarters in Geneva. This pioneer company is the world leader in Photomodulation, developing solutions and treatments for various pathologies in Dermatology, Physiology, and Oncology. Learn more about ISC on their LinkedIn page, or via their website.

Dermavant Sciences

With Todd Zavodnick as one of its founders, Dermavant Sciences focuses on dermatology from their location in Basel. Dermavant Sciences is known for their dedication to develop a modern therapeutic approach to treat a variety of skin conditions. Find Dermavant Sciences on their LinkedIn page, or via their website.

TargImmune Therapeutics

Located in Basel, TargImmune Therapeutics AG is a private Swiss-based biotechnology company focused on drug development using novel targeted onco-immunotherapies. Founded by Peter Kash, the company’s principal technology is the CTPIC technology platform that utilizes a non-viral vector to target and destroy cancer cells that over-express certain receptors while simultaneously eliciting an immune response against the cancer cells. Find TargImmune Therapeutics on their LinkedIn page, or via their website.


Elthera AG is a Swiss biopharmaceutical start-up company located in Zug. Founded by Anne Schmidt, Gunther Spohn, and Jacques Gaudreault, the team of experienced pharma and biotech executives works in alignment with cutting-edge academic researchers to develop proprietary, first-in-class oncology drugs using a personalized healthcare approach. You can get more information on their LinkedIn or via their website.

Embion Technologies

Embion Technologies, located in Lausanne, Vaud, commercializes advanced biomass processing technology to meet the planet’s growing demand in nutrition, materials, and energy. The company was founded by Georgios Fengos, Georgios Savoglidis, Paul Dyson, and Sviatlana Siankevich with the aim to become the technology leader for producing natural, sustainable, low-emissions, and high-functionality products from biomass across all industries. More information can be found on their LinkedIn page or via their website.

Gnubiotics Sciences

Founded by Bernardo Horta Costa, Jean Philippe Kunz, Richard Laube, and Yemi Adesokan, Gnubiotics Sciences is headquartered in Epalinges, Vaud. The company is currently developing a compound to reproduce the natural diversity and complexity of unique structures found in breast milk that are beneficial in preventing infections and the onset of diet-induced obesity. More information about Gnubiotics Sciences can be found on their LinkedIn page or via their website.

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