Exploring US-Based Mechanical Engineering Companies

February 9, 2024

Emerging companies in the Mechanical Engineering industry are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with bold ideas, innovative designs, and a dedication to quality. Whether they’re developing cutting-edge propulsion systems, optimizing the functionality of key equipment, or helping create advanced household goods, these businesses are at the forefront of their fields. We’ll be taking a close look at some of these companies, all of which were founded in 2015 or later, and are headquartered in the United States.

While they span a range of industries including retail, automotive, air transportation, and software engineering, what unites these firms is their commitment to leveraging Mechanical Engineering principles to create products and services that meet the needs of a rapidly changing world. With an eye towards sustainability, efficiency, and performance, these businesses represent some of the most exciting developments in Mechanical Engineering today.

From the heartland of Illinois to the bustling streets of Los Angeles, from tech-hubs in California to the growing industrial sector in Texas, these companies are making their mark. Let’s delve deeper into what these businesses are about and what they can offer.

Bradshaw Propulsion

Based in Los Angeles, California, Bradshaw Propulsion operates in the air transportation, mechanical engineering, and software engineering industries. This company prides itself on their innovative jet engine designs, with a clear focus on creating profit through innovation rather than incremental change.

Alliance Tractor

Alliance Tractor is a retail and automotive firm located in Newton, Illinois. Specializing in mechanical engineering, this company helps to simplify the process of purchasing, maintaining, and operating heavy machinery.

Pax Aero Solutions

Founded by Dennis Dubois, Pax Aero Solutions is based in California, Maryland. Operating within the air transportation and mechanical engineering industries, they also provide comprehensive technical support services.

Juniper Publishers

Located in California City, California, Juniper Publishers operate within healthcare, life science, marine technology, and mechanical engineering among other fields. They provide various formats of publication including HTML, PDF, Digital, Audio conversion, and Video development, allowing scientists, students, and the research community access to their articles.

STEL Design

STEL Design, with founders Peter Ducato and Ryan Olson, is an exciting firm that combines expertise in design and engineering to develop products with purpose. They are located in Goleta, California, and operate within multiple fields including consulting, consumer electronics, industrial design, and mechanical engineering.

McLarty Daniel

Located in Bentonville, Arkansas, McLarty Daniel is an integral part of the automotive industry. They also offer mechanical engineering services and retail solutions.


OTOBOTS is a technology enabled mobile auto repair company founded by Arun Simon, Febin Abraham, and Kuruvilla Simon. From providing auto insurance support, e-commerce solutions to technical support, they operate within several different fields from their headquarters in Rolling Meadows, Illinois.

AviX Aero

Based in Dallas, Texas, AviX Aero creates commercial aircraft technologies and solutions. Their primary product is the strut data collection system, which is an onboard system weight and balance measurement system.

Impyrium, Inc.

Located in Durango, Colorado, Impyrium, Inc., founded by Jim Mackay, operates within the electronics, manufacturing, and mechanical engineering fields. They specialize in drone technology and production.

Thermally Broken Steel USA

Thermally Broken Steel USA, founded by Justin Grebasch, provide mechanical engineering solutions within architecture and green building sectors. Their base is in Old Saybrook, Connecticut.


Founded by Scott Tarcy and located in Charlotte, North Carolina, www.caddesignhelp.com is a team of engineers with experience in product development and design for consumer products. They believe in making innovative inventions feasible.

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