Flourishing US-Based Industrial Manufacturing Engineering Companies

January 10, 2024

Industrial Manufacturing is a vast expanse of sector within Engineering, and the United States is home to numerous companies with innovative approaches and technology contributing significantly to the industry. These organizations bring forth the cutting-edge of technology, combined with sustainability and efficient practices. This article will discuss some of the companies that are redefining the scope and future of the Industrial Manufacturing industry, each of them experiencing their inception in 2015 or later, headquartered in the United States.

The purpose of this article is to fixture a spotlight on these companies, delving deep into their core business activities, the solutions and products they offer, and more. This series strives to offer a complete overview of the company within a compact bio, providing readers a sneak-peek into some of the most innovative American Industrial Manufacturing firms.

Let’s jump straight into it and get to know more about these amazing companies.


VIAR specializes in Industrial Manufacturing along with delivering solutions in the Augmented Reality and Knowledge Management sector. The company has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington and was founded by Blaz Zafosnik, Jernej Mirt, Marko Munda, and Ziga Berce. Through simple and user-friendly authoring & distribution tools for virtual & augmented reality, they are transforming the way businesses operate globally. Their innovative tools – Viar360 and REWO, focus on enhancing the experiences for businesses and individuals alike.

Raptor Blasting Systems LLC

Based in Rocklin, California, Raptor Blasting Systems LLC is a company operating in the Industrial and Manufacturing sector. The company was founded by Rick Hayes. Their main offering is unique blast cabinets designed for both the industrial market and hobbyist which are famed for their durability and efficiency.

Epix Tube

Epix Tube operates in the domain of Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing. Established in Dayton, Ohio, Epix Tube is contributing towards Industrial Manufacturing, with a primary focus on manufacturing quality tube solutions.


Based out of San Francisco, California, Origin is a 3D manufacturing platform brought to life by founders Chris Prucha and Joel Ong. The company, specialising in Industrial Automation, Industrial Manufacturing, and Software Technology, opens up the possibility for complete mass production through their open materials network, flexible software, and modular hardware.

Axiom Space

Axiom Space is a Houston, Texas-based company offering ingenious Aerospace, Advanced Materials, and Industrial Manufacturing solutions. Founded by Kam Ghaffarian and Michael Suffredini, the company is making substantial advancements in Space Travel by building, owning, and operating commercial space station modules connected to the International Space Station (ISS).


Based in Santa Monica, California, Fair is a revolutionary car leasing company founded by Boone Park, Craig Nehamen, Georg Bauer, and Jennifer Parke. Their innovative concept of car-as-a-service is transforming the automotive, finance, and leasing industry, providing the freedom and flexibility of car usage to customers.


Founded by Jim Lico and headquartered in Everett, Washington, Fortive is a giant in Industrial Manufacturing adopting a holistic approach towards technology for progress. This global family of 20 leading industrial growth and technology companies unites under the sole purpose of strengthening the world and making it safer with effective technology.

ProFrac Services

Operating from Cisco, Texas, ProFrac Services offers essential Fleet Management, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Oil and Gas solutions, and is a leading energy services company providing hydraulic fracturing and other associated products and services to leading upstream oil and gas companies.

READY Robotics

READY Robotics is an Ohio-based company co-founded by Benjamin Gibbs and Kelleher Guerin. This innovative company is making waves in the Industrial Automation sector with their Forge line of easy-to-use, easy-to-install industrial robot software, enabling manufacturers to increase their competitive edge.


Located in West Jordan, Utah, Optisys is a leading name in 3D Technology and Industrial Manufacturing. Specialising in manufacturing RF design and metal additive, it provides high-quality, metal 3D printed antenna products for defense and aerospace applications.

Kinetic Pressure Control

Kinetic Pressure Control was established by Bobby Gallagher and Steven Angstmann and is based out of Houston, Texas. The company provides innovative wellhead and pressure control equipment and services, dedicated to protecting the oil and gas industry’s social license to operate.

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