Illinois Manufacturing: Post-2015 Companies Innovating Engineering Industry

January 24, 2024

The manufacturing industry is potently thriving in Illinois. Over the past five years, several companies have made their mark in various sub-sectors, ranging from 3D printing to food and beverage manufacturing. This write-up highlights some of the most innovative manufacturing companies in Illinois that were established from 2015 onwards.

From revolutionizing advanced 3D printing technologies to creating a platform for plant-based and clean-label food brands, these companies engineer solutions that are transforming the future of manufacturing. Most of them operate out of Illinois and have made great strides in their respective fields, attesting to the buoyant manufacturing opportunities within the state.

Let’s take an insightful journey together as we delve deeper into the profiles, achievements, and aspirations of these contemporary manufacturing companies in Illinois.

Azul 3D

Located in Skokie, Illinois, Azul 3D operates within the realms of 3D Printing and the Consumer, Manufacturing industry. The company, whose founders include Chad A. Mirkin, David Walker, and James Hedrick, specializes in High-Area Rapid Printing (HARP) technology. Their goal is to revolutionize advanced manufacturing through a streamlined, low-cost solution.

The Fresh Factory

Bill Besenhofer and Nate Laurell founded The Fresh Factory in Carol Stream, Illinois. The company straddles the Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, and Organic Food sectors, creating a platform for plant-based and clean-label brands. They aim to accelerate the growth of such brands with their vertically integrated platform.

Azul 3D, Inc

In the vibrant city of Evanston, Illinois, you’ll find Azul 3D, Inc, a venture by David A. Walker. This tech-inspired company operates in the areas of 3D Printing, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Nanotechnology, and Product Research, aiming to bring about a radical transformation with their High-Area Rapid Printing (HARP) technology.

Skyline Kitchen

Situated in Chicago, the Skyline Kitchen operates within the manufacturing industry. even though there is no website or specified founders, its mention is worth it as one of the companies contributing to the manufacturing industry in Illinois.


Apologue, founded by Jordan Tepper, Robby Haynes, and Ziyad Asrar, is a company with a twist. Based in Chicago, Illinois, they operate in the Food and Beverage, Manufacturing sector, creating spirited liqueurs. Their unique products feature regional ingredients, making their liqueurs a delightful blend of adventurous and versatile.

J2 Materials

John Ciraldo and Jonathan Levine-Miles co-founded J2 Materials, a company located in Morton Grove, Illinois that produces high-purity materials for emerging semiconductor applications.Operating within the Manufacturing and Semiconductor industry, they aim to provide quality products for their customers.

Prommus Brands

Prommus Brands, a Chicago-based company founded by Anthony Brahimsha and Mariana Vallejo, specializes in the manufacturing, distribution, and selling of vegetable and fruit-based foods. They are firmly grounded in the Food and Beverage, Food Processing, and Manufacturing sectors.

Clarix Imaging

Operating from Chicago, Illinois, Clarix Imaging operates in the Manufacturing, Medical Device, and Software industry, but little information about the founders and company’s description.

Revelation Machinery

Revelation Machinery is an Industrial, Machinery Manufacturing, and Manufacturing company based out of Chicago, Illinois. While the founders and company’s description are not specified in the records, this company is pivotal within the manufacturing industry in Illinois.


Located in Naperville, Illinois, Heli-Nation is an exciting company in Drones, Electronics, Manufacturing, Sporting Goods. They provide racing drones, freestyle drones, camera drones, flight controllers, ESCs, and video transmitters, sourcing their products globally and directly from OEM manufacturers.

CoreFX Ingredients

Based in Chicago, Illinois, CoreFX Ingredients operates in the Consulting and Manufacturing sectors. Even though the founders and the business description are not on record, its the mention is of value, giving a whole picture of the manufacturing industry in Illinois.

This insightful tour takes us through a few of the numerous manufacturing companies making a positive impact in the industry. Despite the diverse range of industries these companies operate within, they all share commonalities – advanced manufacturing technologies, exceptional leadership, and high-quality products and services, ensuring the elevation of Illinois’ industrial sector.

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