Italian Biotechnology Engineering Companies: Innovation and Excellence in a Niche Sector

January 9, 2024

The Italian biotechnology sector has witnessed a dramatic surge of novel startups since 2015, fuelled by innovative research and a growing financial ecosystem. This article serves as a tour guide on a journey through these burgeoning companies that have been making strides in the biotechnology industry in Italy. Throughout the text, we’ll examine the unique facets of each company, their founding teams, corporate philosophies, and the particular sectors of biotechnology in which they operate.

Italy offers a vibrant landscape for biotechnology, thanks in part to its respected academic and research institutions. These organisations have served as incubators for high tech start-ups, many of which have managed to grow steadily and make real contributions to the field. From bioinformatics to life sciences, these companies push the frontiers of knowledge and apply this to create real-world solutions.

Here is a closer look at a selection of these innovative companies, each contributing in a unique way to the dynamic Italian biotechnology landscape. From medical advancements to industrial biotechnology, these new players are deeply involved in ensuring Italy’s biotech scene is full of energy, innovation, and potential.

TadinoWay S.r.l.

Based in Gualdo Tadino, Umbria, TadinoWay operates in the biotechnology and manufacturing sector. More information about this company can be found at their website and on their social media platforms on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Located in Perugia, Umbria, Plasfer is a pre-clinical stage biopharmaceutical company. The firm is specialised in the development of RNA-based drug delivery through platelets using an innovative proprietary medical technology. Visit Plasfer’s website or their LinkedIn page to learn more.

Panakes Partners

Panakès Partners is a venture capital firm based in Milan, Lombardy. Founded by Alessio Beverina, Fabrizio Landi, and Diana Saraceni in 2015, the company provides financial and corporate support to help build the next generation of companies in the field of life sciences. Connect with them on their website or drop a tweet @panakes on LinkedIn.


Operating from Pavia, Lombardia, enGenome is a bioinformatics company that provides omics-based reports to physicians to improve diagnosis and treatment processes for patients. Learn more by visiting their website or engage with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter @engenome_srl.


Based in Rome, Lazio, Genechron is a biotech company specialised in molecular diagnostics. Since its inception in 2016, they have been offering services that can be used for diagnostic purposes, nutrigenetic analysis, and veterinary applications. Find more on their website, or reach them on their social media platforms on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter @Genechron.


Postbiotica, based in Milan, Lombardia, assists with a new class of molecules called postbiotics, representing probiotic evolution. Learn more about their work by visiting their website or engaging with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Thena Biotech

Thena Biotech, located in Latina, Lazio, develops biotherapeutics based on the human ferritin protein to treat cancer. Learn more about their ground-breaking work on their website.

Aethera Biotech

Aethera Biotech provides solutions in various sectors including agriculture, biotechnology and product research. They are located in Camisano Vicentino, Veneto. Connect with them on their website and LinkedIn page.

Onyel Biotech

Based in Padova, Veneto, Onyel Biotech manufactures microfluidic chips for cell culture, offering solutions in the field of microfluidic technologies. You can learn more about their work by visiting their website.


Novaicos, located in Novara, Piemonte, creates compounds to promote bone resorption in osteolytic illnesses like osteoporosis and bone metastases. Their creative solutions aim to develop molecules that block bone resorption. Discover more about their work at their website, or connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter @novaicos_.


Based in Gioiosa Ionica, Sicilia, Panoxyvir is a life science pharma company that offers antiviral studies and development programs. Learn more about their work on their website, or connect with them on their social media platforms on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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