Korean Manufacturing Engineering Companies: Innovations from the New Champs

February 9, 2024

South Korea has always been known for its technological sentience and impressive economic development. Contributing to the country’s success are the innovative companies under different industries, among this is the Manufacturing sector. Very interesting are the ones established in the more recent years, particularly 2015 onwards. These companies are evidently making their mark with their unique offerings and innovative products or services.

Contributing vastly to this growth and diversity is the entry of new players bringing fresh ideas and unique approaches to the manufacturing industry. These companies, although young, show great promise with their innovative products and services, capturing both the local market and the international scene. Here’s a closer look at some of these exciting enterprises based in South Korea.

Each company presents its unique edge, diversifying the industry’s portfolio. From consumer goods, customer service, and electronics to furniture designs, they are playing crucial roles in strengthening the manufacturing sector. Let’s say hello to these companies and learn about their individual stories.

Hansol Paper

Based in Seoul, Hansol Paper is a reputable source for manufacturing, paper manufacturing, and recycling. A closer look at their website and social media links – @hansolpaper_sp on Twitter, @hansolpaper on Facebook and Hansol Paper Co. Ltd. on LinkedIn, will give you a glimpse of their undertakings, products, and services.


Operating from Anyang, Sensohub specializes in industrial manufacturing and sensor technology. Their Facebook page @SensoHub Co. Ltd.is another platform to know more about them.

Your Dining Table

From Mapo comes Your Dining Table, a company focusing on consumer, customer service, and manufacturing. Discover more about their approach and their products on their website.


Based in Pochon, JACKSONCHAMELEON is known for their luxurious and contemporary furniture, home and garden, home decor, and manufacturing. Their creativity unfolds on their website and their Facebook page @JacksonChameleon.

Dealway Holdings

Hailing from Namyang, Dealway Holdings is making strides with their consumer goods, manufacturing, and sales initiatives. You can learn more about them through their official website.


From Osan, MACGUNCORE is redefining electronics, lighting, and manufacturing in their own unique style. Find out more about their offerings and operations on their corporate website.

CnR Tech

Based in Anyang, CnR Tech has made significant contributions to EdTech, Education, Internet of Things, and the manufacturing sector. They develop and manufacture IoT convergence products including educational materials. All details are available on their website.

MODERN Solution

Lying in Uiwang, MODERN Solution provides expertise in consulting, ERP, logistics, manufacturing, and Point of Sale. Visit their website or their Facebook page @모던솔루션 for more information.


In Seoul, ICON AI INC. stands as a pioneer in artificial Intelligence, IT, machine learning, manufacturing, and software. They are a software-led hardware company and an Amazon-approved system integrator for Alexa Voice Service. Visit their website for an extensive look at their offerings and operations.


Also based in Anyang, MAUM is involved in manufacturing, sales, and wholesale. You can learn more about their operations and products on their corporate site.


Lastly but not least, operating from Bucheon, O-STAR GLOBAL excels in manufacturing, product design, and sales. Information about their range of services and products can be found on their official website.

These companies, though young, have clearly demonstrated their potential to create a significant impact in the manufacturing landscape, not only in South Korea but across the globe. This is a testament to South Korea’s nurturing environment for innovation, which is likely to foster more vibrant startups in the future.

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