Maharashtra’s Manufacturing Engineering Companies Making Global Impact

January 24, 2024

The state of Maharashtra is home to a vibrant assembly of manufacturing companies that have begun operating within the past decade. Among them, it’s inspiring to witness the transformative power of fresh startups, invigorating the manufacturing industry with innovative ideas and technologies. Often underappreciated, these pioneers are reshaping the face of manufacturing, bringing unforeseen benefits to various sectors. In this article, we aim to highlight a selection of these companies, their founders, their offerings, and their impacts.

Manufacturing is an industry known for its significant contributions to economic development. In a state like Maharashtra, which possesses a diverse range of resources, startups in this field can harness these resources to produce an array of goods and positively affect the livelihoods of people across sectors. From building materials to paper manufacturing, robotics, and fashion, the evolving companies that we will explore are Meccas of innovation that are expanding their outreach to the farthest corners of the globe.

It’s necessary to keep in mind that these startups not only bolster economic growth but also contribute significantly to job creation. Although they are different in terms of industry type, size, and target markets, they share a common goal: to generate high competitiveness alongside economic gain. Let’s delve into the tenacity and ingenuity of these companies that began their operations in 2015 or later.

Advanced NanoTech Lab (A.N.T Lab)

Located in the thriving city of Mumbai, Advanced NanoTech Lab operates in multiple sectors including Building Material, Energy, Manufacturing, Real Estate, and Solar. The pioneering startup, founded by Rohit Rajput, reflects the brilliance of modern-day technological advances. Stay updated on their accomplishments via their Twitter and Facebook pages.

Pudumjee Paper Products Limited

Pudumjee Paper Products is another Mumbai-based company, standing tall in the Forestry, Manufacturing, and Paper Manufacturing sectors. They have carved out a niche for themselves distributing various paper, hygiene, and other products, catering widely to the laminating, printing, and packaging industries, among others. Connect with this firm on LinkedIn to learn more about their role in the manufacturing industry.

Bharati Robotic Systems

In Pune, one company is leading the charge in Industrial Automation, Manufacturing, and Robotics. Bharati Robotic Systems, founded by Debashis Das, is striving to develop robotic solutions for various sectors, including Service, Defense, Industrial, and Agriculture. Their progressive approach to technology aims to boost industry efficiency and create quality jobs. Stay connected through their LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook handles.


Another Mumbai-based start-up, Ether, focuses on Fashion, Lifestyle, and Manufacturing. The company specializes in women’s wear, utilizing the time-honored skills of Indian artisans to create unique, beautifully embellished garments. Follow their journey through their Twitter and Facebook pages.


eAdicct, based in Pune, is a technology start-up company that revolves around Consulting, Machine Learning, Manufacturing, and Software. Their mission is to create a global impact with green technologies and innovative mobility solutions. Engage with this dynamic company through LinkedIn and Facebook.

Shree Ramdev Metalex LLP

From Mumbai, Shree Ramdev Metalex LLP innovates in the Advanced Materials and Manufacturing industry. Founded by Bhagwati Purohit and Mukesh Purohit, this company has multiplied fourfold since its inception in 1972, boasting impressive global recognition and ISO 9001 certification. Keep up with the company on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Non-Moving Inventory

Non-Moving Inventory operates in Mumbai as a B2B marketplace enabling the buying and selling of non-moving/slow moving inventory across global manufacturing industries. You can find them on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


In Mumbai, KRUXWORKS TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED is building its reputation in the Manufacturing industry. This company is led by the enterprising RAJEEV KRANTHI NARAPARAJU.

Napttress Comforts Private Limited

Napttress Comforts Private Limited is based in Pune and operates within the Home Decor and Manufacturing sectors. The company was formed by Baljeet Singh Khiva and Shreyansh Kankaria. Keep abreast of their endeavors on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


Located in Pune, March is creating waves in the Fashion, Manufacturing, and Retail sectors. Discover their most recent work and connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Trringo, under the leadership of founder Nikhil Pai, operates from Mumbai in the Agriculture, Forestry, and Industrial Manufacturing arenas. Stay in touch and informed about their activities via their LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook platforms.

These companies remind us that with innovation and dedication, significant strides can be made within the manufacturing industry. Through their diverse products and services, these startups are making a considerable mark, not only on Maharashtra’s economy but also on the international market.

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