Ontario’s New Biotech Engineering Companies Shaping the Future of Medicine

January 8, 2024

Given that the landscape of industrial progress is continually evolving, the subsections of engineering must be versatile enough to keep up. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics have always displayed a symbiotic relationship with each other, and Biotechnology is a shining example of this coalescence. Biotech is a sector that seamlessly merges biological research with technological application, to products and services that improvise healthcare, agriculture, the environment, etc. Ontario – a Canadian province basking in the lake of technological advancements – has a vibrant community of biotech companies that have been established in 2015 or later. This article highlights these emerging titans in the biotech industry located in Ontario.

Biology’s gamut is vast and encompasses all living organisms, all facets of life, and all layers of the Earth’s strata. Technological tools facilitate the exploration and exploitation of this vast biological treasure. By introducing technologically advanced tools into the biological research realm, we have spurred a revolution in healthcare, agriculture, environmental conservation, and so on. Equipped with cutting-edge biotechnology tools, Ontario’s aspiring biotech companies are charting new paths in their respective domains.

Whether it’s leveraging genomic sequencing for drug development, use of stem cells for therapeutics, or using bioinformatics to decode inscrutable diseases – Ontario’s nascent biotech companies are transcending traditional frontiers and transcending into a realm filled with promise and potential. In the following paragraphs, we will profile these companies, and learn about their pioneering journeys.

Rapid Novor

Rapid Novor Inc. is an innovative biotech venture, specializing in antibody protein sequencing technology. Formed as a spin-off from the University of Waterloo, the company has established a strong technology portfolio based on two decades of scientific research and inventions. Their dedicated team uses mass spectrometry-based proteomics to sequence antibody proteins, negating the need for access to the producing cell line, thus shaping the future of life sciences and human health.


PlantExt is a biotech firm that is revolutionizing the medical cannabis industry. They have developed innovative technology to identify and evaluate specific extracts from cannabis strains. Their process provides novel anti-inflammatory remedies advancing patient care, and improving their quality of life while decreasing the side effects of conventional medicines.


Oxilight is a medical device company aiming to make diabetic foot ulcer diagnosis affordable and accessible to patients and frontline healthcare professionals. Their mission is to facilitate earlier interventions, thereby reducing healthcare costs and saving limbs and lives.


Genecis is a biotechnology firm that is revolutionising waste management. The company uses advanced biotechnology methods to convert organic waste into biodegradable plastics and other high-value materials.

BlueRock Therapeutics

BlueRock Therapeutics is a biotech company on a mission to develop stem cell therapies to cure a range of diseases. They utilise a leading industry platform to regenerate heart muscle in patients who have suffered a heart attack or are living with chronic heart failure, dramatically altering the prognosis for these common and deadly health problems.


Avicanna is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the advancement of the medical cannabis space. They offer high-quality, evidence-based cannabinoid solutions to the global marketplace. An evidence-based approach to their product platforms ensures advanced, natural solutions for patient care.


Avro Life Science is developing skin patches for generic drug delivery, focusing on therapeutic relief for children and the elderly. At the core of Avro’s technology is a novel biopolymer based platform used for passive transdermal drug delivery of small molecules and drugs.

Canntab Therapeutics

Canntab Therapeutics is revolutionizing the medical cannabis space by developing an innovative delivery system. Canntab’s groundbreaking medical cannabis products provide a superior therapeutic effect compared to other methods.


Synmedix is a biotech company with a mission to provide new therapies that avoid past pitfalls, address clinical gaps, and deliver solid economics in an equitable manner. Synmedix’s approach ensures better therapies and improved patient outcomes.


VivaVax is enhancing healthcare by creating technologies that protect sensitive medicines during transport, and formulates products that improve drug administration into the human body.

BIOSA Technologies

BIOSA Technologies, a biotech company headquartered in Toronto, specializes in post-purification modification of enzymes. Backed by successful experimental trials and partnerships with industrial and educational collaborators, BIOSA is at the forefront of transforming the use of enzymes across various industries.

Each of these companies showcase a unique initiative that marries biology with technology, carving a path towards better healthcare, environment conservation, and improved living conditions. As they grow and develop, they will inevitably continue to make waves in the realm of biotechnology and beyond.

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