Swiss Innovators: Manufacturing Engineering Companies Growth Showcase

February 9, 2024

Engineering is a field of great diversification. No market or industry is untouched by its innovation-based solutions. Switzerland is a hub of engineering activities, with companies operating across various sectors. Here, we discuss a selection of manufacturing companies established in 2015 or later, covering a wide range of engineering solutions from 3D printing to solar energy production.

These companies are shining examples of the immense potential this industry sector holds, employing cutting-edge technologies to continually redefine the niche they operate in. Key insights into each of these companies, including founder names, company description, and links to the official website and social media profiles, paint a vibrant picture of how they streamline solutions to complex problems – enhancing the market with their novel products.

The world of engineering is far-reaching, and it’s increasingly significant in the 21st century. Companies headquartered in Switzerland are contributing with groundbreaking solutions, pushing boundaries and enhancing the quality of life while setting new trends in their respective industries. Without further ado, let’s delve into these companies.


The brainchild of Pius Kobler and Sven Rizzotti, milKit caters to biking enthusiasts with their unique invention making tubeless biking a clean, safe, and enjoyable experience. Located in Zürich, the company establishes a unique intersection between manufacturing and sports industry. Equipped with their product, bikers can easily check and measure their tire sealant and add as required without the need to remove the tires. Follow the milKit’s Facebook page and check their official website for more insights.

Appenzeller Druckerei AG

Based in Herisau, Appenzeller Druckerei AG intersects the world of manufacturing and printing. To learn more about their services, you can visit their Facebook page and access their official website.

Founded by Elena Skorochod, operates from Zug, providing cutting-edge solutions bridging computer, e-commerce, manufacturing, and the health care sector. You can navigate to their official website to explore their work.

Additive Dynamics

Additive Dynamics, headquartered in Uznach, envisions developing state-of-the-art 3D printers for the metal industry since its establishment in 2015. You can learn more about their work through their Facebook page and official website.

Helvatron AG

Situated in Baar, Helvatron AG offers innovative solutions in the electronics and energy sectors of the manufacturing industry. Navigate to their official website for more.

Quality Brands

Quality Brands, based in Dubendorf, offers a wide array of products encompassing brewing machines, joystick for smartphones, steak machine for homes etc. Check out their official website for more.


Insolight, founded in 2015 by Florian Gerlich, Laurent Coulot, and Mathieu Ackermann, offers an innovative solution for residential solar electricity needs. Their high-efficiency solar panels can reduce electricity costs. For more on their technology, visit the official website or their Facebook page, and LinkedIn page.


Established by Alexis Wiasmitinow, TailoredMotor provides highly tailored electric motors that match your specifications perfectly. Get a quick check on their Facebook page and official website. Ruoss Ruoss offers a delectable range of fine wines from Burgenland, featuring prominent in the wine manufacturing industry. Dig deeper into their offers at their official website.


Since 2016, ANYbotics, founded by Andreas Lauber, Christian Gehring, Hanspeter Fässler, and Marco Hutter, has been improving the lives of workers with their intelligent robotic solutions. They specialize in providing autonomous, end-to-end robotic inspection solutions. Visit the official website, Facebook page, or LinkedIn page for more details.


Co-founded by Michael Geiselmann and Michael Zervas, LiGenTec is a revolutionary B2B deep tech start-up, manufacturing Photonic Integrated Circuits. For more detailed insights into their products, visit their official website or LinkedIn page.

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