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Transport Processes

Transport Processes provides in-depth articles and resources created by professionals in areas of Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics.

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Natural Sciences provides essential information and resources concerning Chemistry, Bio-technology and fundamental Physics.

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Every week we pay tribute to a great mind within the STEM industry. They have paved the way for us to think and create the things we do today. Click here to see this weeks.

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    A Breakdown | Internal Flow Part I

    What Is Internal Flow? Internal flow is the transport of fluids in pipes, ducts and conduits (flow sections). There are different flow regimes for the flow of fluids: laminar flow, transitional flow, and turbulent flow. Flow regimes mainly depend on the ratio of inertial forces to viscous forces, with the ratio being called the Reynolds […] More

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    Carbon Capture and Storage Projects; Growth Of The Global Market

    Greenhouse gas emissions from human activities strengthen the greenhouse effect, causing climate change. The primary source is Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from the burning of fossil fuels.  Carbon Capture And Storage (CCS) Market Comprehensive Study is a new study on the global market CCS. The study details the leading players in CCS and the technology. Organisations in […] More

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    Waste Gasification; Diverting Waste From Landfill

    Gasification is a technological process that converts any carbonaceous (carbon-based) raw material into synthesis gas, used to produce other fuels, namely methanol and diesel fuel. Aries Linden has completed mechanical completion of their Biosolids (a product of wastewater treatment process) Gasification Plant in Linden, New Jersey, which is the largest gasification plant of its type […] More

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    Hydrogen Fuel Cell; The Future of Locomotives.

    Hydrogen fuel cells have been used in cars over the last decade, are completely emission-free, quiet, and emit only water vapour and condensation, from their reaction unlike traditional combustion engines, emitting harmful greenhouse gases. 2021 saw the unveiling of the first hydrogen fuel cell-powered train, Coradia iLint. Developed by French company Alstom, highlighting the potential for […] More

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    Waste Power; The UK Lags Behind

    Disregarded by-products, commonly known as waste, directly contributes to climate change by adding carbon-based particles into the air, adding to the greenhouse effect. Utilisation of waste is a growing industry world wide. Across multiple sectors with low raw material costs, companies gladly give away their waste, to be then converted into a useful product. UK energy […] More

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    Controversy Brews On Essex’s New Solar Farm

    Discuss this issue in the comments below.

    Plans for the biggest solar farm in Essex, the Manuden and Berden solar farm, have been submitted. It has been an area of hot discussion with an environmental organisation and the local council butting heads over effects on the rural environment. Electricity production is dominated by fossil fuels, and with the global climate crisis, finding […] More

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