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Engineeringness is a resource platform aiming to help engineering students, industry professionals and thought leaders alike.

Engineeringness serves as a resource hub designed to assist engineering students, industry professionals, and thought leaders by providing valuable information and tools. Without those who work hard and sacrifice their time to create, share, promote and contribute content onto Engineeringness, we would be nothing, and we thank every contributor for their dedication and hard work.

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Our Mission

Engineering is the closest thing to magic that exists in the world.

Elon Musk

Engineeringness serves as an open-access resource for anyone seeking to enhance their engineering expertise. Our content is freely available, underscoring our commitment to supporting the engineering community.

We do not withhold information like many academic and industry institutions who are incentivised to profiteer off industry specific knowledge at the expense of the free market of ideas.

Engineeringness Journalistic Principles

At Engineeringness, our dedicated team of journalists and contributors consistently adhere to the utmost ethical standards in journalism. We are deeply committed to preserving a legacy of integrity, governed by a rigorous code of conduct that embodies the core values of journalism and engineering. Our unwavering dedication to transparency and honesty is evident in our dealings with colleagues, competitors, sources, subjects, and our audience. We cultivate a professional atmosphere where ethical issues are recognized and actively tackled, guaranteeing that our reporting maintains its ethical integrity.

Innovative and Distinct Content

Engineeringness is dedicated to discovering and disseminating knowledge and narratives that directly affect the development and progression of engineering globally. Our goal is to deliver these insights with unparalleled clarity, creating a platform that is both free to use and open source (subject to a Quality Analysis check) for anyone looking to improve and enhance their engineering knowledge and skills. We offer a forum for the exchange of ideas and essential information, serving engineers of all types. By conducting in-depth analyses, engaging with industry leaders, and providing sharp commentary, Engineeringness provides informed, worldwide perspectives on topics vital to various engineering disciplines. This serves engineers at every stage of their career, from beginners to experts.

Commitment to Being Transparent and True

Our reporting is grounded in a dedication to clear and honest journalism. We conduct thorough investigations to confirm the credibility of our sources and guarantee that every party involved in our content has an opportunity to comment prior to publication. Our loyalty is to the truth, unswayed by undisclosed motives. We carefully cite each fact to its origin, ensuring our coverage is impartial and well-balanced.

Continuous Learning and Enhancement

In the ever-changing field of Engineering, Engineeringness is committed to continuous learning and enhancement. We are steadfast in our pursuit to advance and hone our engineering knowledge. Input from our readers is not merely accepted; it forms a crucial component of our development and drives our mission to more effectively cater to our readership.


At Engineeringness, we place utmost importance on responsibility in our endeavors. Owning our published material completely, we are dedicated to promptly and openly correcting any mistakes. This steadfast commitment to honesty solidifies our reputation as a reliable and respected source in the world of engineering.

Contact Engineeringness

Every message we receive from our readers and subscribers is given top priority. Our team, skilled in handling your questions and concerns, will give careful attention to your correspondence. If you’re keen on getting into contact or should you have any stories or topics you’d like to bring to our attention, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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