Californian Product Design Engineering Companies Establishing Industry Excellence

February 10, 2024

California is teeming with innovative companies in the Product Design industry, with a number of them having their inception in 2015 or later. Highlighting some of these companies, we explore their achievements, services, and contributions within the industry. Ranging from consumer goods, marketing, architecture, to computing, these companies are driving trends and setting standards in the world of product design.

Each offering unique products and services, these companies exemplify commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Their reach spans various sectors and industries, and they stand as testament to the diversity and vibrancy of the Product Design industry. With visions and missions intrinsically linked to innovation and technological advancement, these companies help to shape the world around us.

Their drive to embrace creative ideas, collaborate across sectors, and harness the latest technology is inspiring, and their various accomplishments are testament to the power of innovation and the importance of design in our everyday lives. Let’s get to know them better.

Creative Entertainment Services

Headquartered in Agoura Hills and operating in multiple sectors including advertising, e-commerce, fashion, marketing, and product design, Creative Entertainment Services provides a comprehensive suite of services with a unique approach to creative solutions. You can also connect with them via their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Also based in Agoura Hills, AllowTech focuses on product design and semiconductor training. They specialize in the development of FPGA-based applications for various industries. They can also be reached via their LinkedIn page.


Fabdesigns, founded by Bruce and Connie Huffa, is a leading consultancy in the textiles industry. Offering advice, consulting, and training services, they are headquartered in Agoura Hills. You can also connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Architectural Detail Group

Specializing in architecture, lighting, manufacturing, and product design, the Architectural Detail Group manufactures and designs distinctive lighting fixtures. They’re also located in Agoura Hills and have established a presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Reactor Watch

Involved in consumer goods, fashion, manufacturing, and sports, Reactor Watch is shaping the world of watch design with their distinctive and innovative designs. They’re based in Agoura Hills and you can connect with them on Facebook.

Entiv Data Systems

Based in Agoura Hills, Entiv Data Systems in are focused on product design, consulting, and professional services. Their approach combines expertise and innovative approaches. They can also be found on LinkedIn.

Thomas Technical

Specializing in the design and manufacture of wire and cable products, Thomas Technical is located in Ahwahnee. They supply construction and manufacturing companies, offering a wide range of relevant products.


Founded by Janis Lewis, Murray Pletz, Norman Pletz, and Skip Yowell, JanSport, based in Alameda, has been making packs and outdoor gear since 1967. They focus on manufacturing world-class outdoor products ethically and lawfully. You can catch them on Facebook.

Verific Design Automation

Founded by Rob Dekker in Alameda, Verific Design Automation is a leading provider of VHDL and UPF front-ends. Their software serves a broad range of applications globally. They maintain a presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Tork Systems

Tork Systems are renowned in the shipping and transportation industry. This Alameda-based company is also involved in manufacturing, marine technology, military, and product design sectors. They are active on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Engineering Enterprise

Specializing in computer, electronics, manufacturing, and product design, The Engineering Enterprise is based in Alameda. Their dedication to engineering excellence makes them a valuable part of the industry.

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