Canada’s New Renewable Energy Engineering Companies Making Global Impact

February 10, 2024

Renewable energy is an integral part of our near future and the answer to many of our current environmental issues. As fossil fuel resources continue to decrease globally, renewable energy technology needs to come to the forefront. This article will showcase companies based in Canada that were founded in 2015 or later and specialize in the renewable energy sector. More specifically, we will provide information about what they do, where they operate and why they matter in this growing industry.

Canada has been at the forefront of the renewable energy game. Not only is it one of the world’s few net energy exporters, but it also boasts some of the largest and most innovative renewable energy companies on the planet. From solar, to wind, hydro and biomass, Canadian companies are making significant strides in this ever-growing market.

It’s crucial to note that this sector is evolving at a fantastic pace. With factors such as climate change and carbon footprint gaining traction, renewable energy has become more essential than ever. Canadian companies are leading the way by exploring advanced manufacturing techniques, waste management methodologies, and innovative energy production methods. Here are just a few examples of these organizations.

Infinity-Pacific Stewardship Group

Based in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Infinity-Pacific Stewardship Group is a leader in the biomass energy, energy, and renewable energy sectors. Their dedication to making a mark in these industries underscores the importance of biomass energy in our future energy solutions.


Also from Abbotsford, British Columbia, Trident has made its mark in renewable energy, waste management, and water industries. Their unique and innovative approach to managing waste efficiently and effectively shows how diligent attention to waste can bring about renewable energy solutions.

Spira Systems

Located in Airdrie, Alberta, Spira Systems is a company that specializes in manufacturing, oil and gas, renewable energy sectors. Their commitment to these fields indicates the significant overlap between traditional energy sources and renewable energy in current market trends.

Cantest Solutions

Cantest Solutions, based in Airdrie, Alberta, is a pioneer in the energy, oil and gas, and renewable energy sectors. Their cutting-edge approach to managing energy solutions signifies the growing necessity to efficiently manage our current energy sources while innovating for the future.

Environmental Waste International

Creating eco-friendly systems for the breakdown of organic materials, Environmental Waste International, in Ajax, Ontario, has revolutionized the industries of recycling, renewable energy, and waste management. Over the past fifteen years, EWS has designed systems that aim to be energy efficient and as economically positive as possible.

Reaction Distributing

Based in Ajax, Ontario, Reaction Distributing is a solid waste management equipment company that provides a comprehensive range of waste management systems as well as design consultancy services.

Canadian Hydro Components

Located in Almonte, Ontario, Canadian Hydro Components works across multiple sectors including electronics, manufacturing, product design, and renewable energy. They provide custom designs as well as reliable and efficient equipment optimization.

The Hayter Group

The Hayter Group, based in Alvinston, Ontario, provides services in the energy, oil and gas, and renewable energy sectors. They offer comprehensive solutions such as plumbing, heating, water treatment, air conditioning, and solar systems.


Recircle, operating out of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, seeks to convert plastic waste into raw material that can be utilized in daily manufacturing procedures. Their aim to creatively repurpose waste signifies the innovative potential within the recycling sphere.

Cleanriver Recycling Solutions

Located in Aurora, Ontario and founded by Bruce Buchan, CleanRiver operates within environmental consulting and renewable energy sectors. They promote the 3C’s of recycling: Culture, Communication, Collection, signifying a significant shift from the traditional ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ methodology.

Igpc Ethanol

Igpc Ethanol, based in Aylmer, Ontario, pledges their commitment to the agricultural and renewable energy fields. Their focus emphasizes the potential within agricultural waste as an untapped source of renewable energy.

In conclusion, renewable energy isn’t just a very plausible solution for our energy needs. It’s a must-have, looming larger on the horizon every passing day. These Canadian companies show just how much innovation is happening within this fast-growing sector and signal an encouraging future for renewable energy worldwide.

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