Emerging Massachusetts Pharmaceutical Engineering Companies: A Comprehensive Showcase

February 9, 2024

As we continue our spotlight series on engineering companies, this article focuses on relatively newly established firms operating in the Pharmaceutical industry within Massachusetts. In the race to advance medicine, these companies have been making a significant impact since their inception in 2015. In this feature, we will highlight companies developing and supplying health care products, services and data services across the Pharmaceutical subsection. As we unfold each firm, we present their foundations, bios, and relevant services, emphasizing their role in propelling the pharmaceutical industry forward.

Each of these firms has devised distinct ways to leverage contemporary engineering technologies to innovate in their field. This has placed them in a unique position to create breakthrough solutions that positively touch the lives of numerous patients globally. With their headquarters based in Massachusetts, these companies are not only growing the local economy but also cementing the state’s reputation as a leading hub for health care solutions.

The state of Massachusetts, renowned for its premier universities and dynamic start-up culture, has become a beacon for innovation within the health care sector. The companies showcased in this article are a testament to the potential of engineering in creating tangible solutions for patients worldwide, while contributing to the state’s robust pharmaceutical industry.

Fitzgerald Industries International

Headquartered in Acton, Massachusetts, Fitzgerald Industries International is contributing to the Manufacturing, Medical, and Pharmaceutical sectors. Launched by a core team of scientists empathizing with lab challenges, Fitzgerald provides numerous biological reagents like primary antibodies, secondary antibodies, recombinant and native proteins, ELISA kits, Serum and Plasma. The company’s personable approach paired with its competitive supplies is fundamental to its success since 2015.

Clinical Trial Data Services

Also located in Acton, Massachusetts, Clinical Trial Data Services has made an impressive stride within Database, Medical Device, and Pharmaceutical industries since its inception.

PAKA Pulmonary Pharmaceuticals

Based in Acton, Massachusetts, PAKA Pulmonary Pharmaceuticals is innovating within the Biotechnology, Health Care, and Pharmaceutical industries, under the leadership of David K. Stone.

Dinno Health

Dinno Health‘s contributions to Health Care, Medical, and Pharmaceutical sectors have been significant since its inception. Forming part of Acton’s pivotal pharmaceutical companies, Dinno Health offers a plethora of pharmacy, medical supply services, vaccines, and health care products. They also specialize in paediatric compounding and arranging pharmacy events.

J Brooks Consulting

Operating within the Consulting and Pharmaceutical sectors, J Brooks Consulting offers its services from Amesbury, Massachusetts.

SciDose LLC

SciDose LLC, a leading speciality pharmaceutical company stationed in Amherst, Massachusetts, is dedicated to developing niche products and providing innovative pharmaceutical development solutions.

Reliance Rx

Another key player within the Health Care and Pharmaceutical industry located in Amherst, Massachusetts is Reliance Rx.

Amherst Pharmacy

Amherst Pharmacy provides services ranging from pharmacy and compounding to long-term care, medication therapy management, and medication synchronization. Boasting a wide array of products including prescription drugs, pet medication, and medical supplies, they are a staple in Amherst, Massachusetts’s healthcare industry.

VTS Consultants

Adding to Massachusetts’s robust Biotechnology, Consulting, Health Care, and Pharmaceutical sectors, VTS Consultants offers commissioning, regulatory compliance, and GMP training services on a global scale from Amherst, Massachusetts.


Founded by Sheila DeWitt and located in Andover, Massachusetts, DeuteRx is a research-driven biotechnology firm. Specifically, the company has advanced in improving, racemic small molecule marketed drugs and drug candidates for numerous therapeutic indications.


Co-founded by Mark B Abelson, Ora is the world’s top ophthalmic CRO and product development firm. With a record of 43 product approvals in 40 years, they possess comprehensive pre-clinical and clinical models, distinctive methodologies, and regulatory strategies. Headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts, Ora has contributed immensely to the growth of Biotechnology, Consulting, Health Care, Legal, and Pharmaceutical sectors.

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