Exploring Canadian Companies Revolutionizing the Engineering Mineral Industry

February 9, 2024

Canadian engineering is vibrant and continuously contributing to the global society with innovative solutions. The engineering branch of minerals is notable especially for its transformational impact in areas such as mining, natural resources, precious metals and real estate. In the recent past, many new Canadian companies have emerged in the mineral industry. This article spotlights Canadian-born companies that began operation in 2015 or later with their strong influence in the mineral space.

Businesses such as Levon Resources, Fortune Bay Corp., Kenorland Minerals, Australian Goldfields, Lannister Mining, Realgold Resources, AJN Resources, Ero Copper, Core Assets, Nature ALU and Sixty North Gold have greatly contributed to the economy and the mining sector. As the mineral industry is backbone of many economies, these firms also play a vital role in global trade.

This new generation of engineering enterprises does not only excel in exploration and development of their commodities. They also show the importance of sustainable and ethical business practices in today’s world. Here are some stories of these companies operating in the mineral industry:

Levon Resources

Levon Resources Ltd., based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada specializes in acquiring, exploring and developing mineral properties in Mexico. Its prime focus is on exploring silver, gold, zinc, and lead deposits. The company’s primary exploration project, the Cordero-Sanson project, is located to the northeast of the town of Hidalgo Del Parral in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. Levon Resources Ltd. is a notable player in the realm of mineral industry.

Fortune Bay Corp.

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Fortune Bay Corp. engages in the acquisition, exploration and development of mineral properties in Canada and Mexico. The company has a rich history of raising initial equity financing, acquiring gold assets, and even discovering significant gold deposits via exhaustive exploration activities. Moreover, it excels in technological development.

Kenorland Minerals

Focused on generating exploration concepts with significant discovery potential, Kenorland Minerals is a private mineral exploration firm based in Vancouver. The company brings new perspectives to proven and emerging districts by identifying lithospheric scale controls on mineral systems and areas with low exploration maturity. It’s a prime example of innovation and discovery in the Canadian mineral field.

Australian Goldfields

Australia Goldfields, headquartered in Vancouver, delivers a considerable prospective lithium and gold footprint, having projects in the Pilbara region. Their activities include Cuprite West & East, Beatons River, Tyche, Fortuna & Nortia.

Lannister Mining

Lannister Mining is a Montana-based mining company operating in Vancouver. The company focuses on the Basin Gulch project, exploring for gold and silver. Founded in 2020, Lannister Mining showcases how relatively new firms can make substantial contributions to the mining and mineral industry.

Realgold Resources

Founded by Doug Kirwin in 2016 and based in Vancouver, the firm specialises in providing mining services and exploring gold deposits. Realgold Resources has an impressive track record in exploration, showcasing top-tier mining engineering.

AJN Resources

AJN Resources, based in Surrey, British Columbia, is an exploration and development company that aims to acquire and explore resource properties, demonstrating their potential viability for development. The company was formed to acquire and develop properties having substantial potential.

Ero Copper

Another Vancouver based company, Ero Copper primarily involves itself in the mineral and precious metals industry. With its strong engineering approach, the company contributes significantly to the mining sector both economically, and technologically.

Core Assets

Core Assets engages in global acquisition, development, exploration, and mining of mineral properties. Based in Vancouver, Core Assets primary owns the Blue and Silver Lime Properties, which cover a land area of 14,814.86 Ha within the Atlin Mining District, an area known worldwide for its gold mining camps.

Nature ALU

Quebec-based Nature ALU started in 2016 and provides state-of-the-art high-quality purified aluminium, primarily for chemical and aerospace industries. The company produces such premium quality minerals, demonstrating how engineering can touch various dimensions of our lives.

Sixty North Gold

Sixty North Gold operates from Vancouver and is involved in gold and VMS (Volcanogenic Massive Sulphides) exploration and development. Its unique provision of personnel, food, and materials through aircraft and helicopters hints at its innovative approach toward exploration. The company operates from the NWT (Northwest Territories) and offers one of the most promising gold development opportunities in the area.

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