Japan’s Rising Product Design Engineering Companies: Innovative Creations Spotlight

February 10, 2024

Japan is a haven for tech companies and start-ups, with international acclaim for its innovative approach and exquisite craftsmanship when it comes to product design. As a realm where technology, tradition, and creativity co-exist, Japan is home to numerous companies that have taken on the challenge of shaping the future of product design through varied industry sectors. In this regard, we explore some noteworthy companies, all of whom have been incepted post-2015, that are disrupting the pattern and contributing to the evolution of product design.

Located within the heart of the land of the rising sun, these companies not only deal with various forms of technology – from agriculture to telecommunications to e-commerce – they have managed to integrate technological advancements with the art of product design. As we delve deeper into their backgrounds and contributions, we also take a closer look at their uniqueness and the impact they have left on their respective industries.

Despite the diverse range of sectors these companies represent, there is a common thread that binds them – their commitment to excellence and uncompromising quality in product design. From varied geographical locations across Japan, these companies have managed to carve out a niche for themselves and stand out in the global market scenario.


GREEN RIVER GROUP Japan, based in Hakata, Fukuoka, has an unprecedented multidisciplinary approach. The company has made substantial strides in sectors such as Agriculture, Construction, and Product Design.


Operating from Tokyo, INVESTOR COMMUNICATIONS is primarily involved in Product Design. The company also has a strong foothold in Telecommunications.


BRAIN PORTAL – based in Tokyo, is a powerhouse of expertise that provides unparalleled product design, advanced engineering, and more. The company thrives in the sectors of E-Commerce and Market Research. It was founded by Hikari Takahashi and Kazuki Kasai.


SaaScore is well-established in the realms of Mobile Apps, Product Design, Sales, and Software. The Tokyo-based company is testament to the dynamism and creativity within the product design sector.


InterBuddy is embarked on its journey in 2015 and provides solutions for embedded software systems. The Machida, Tokyo-based company overarches fields like Information Technology, Internet, Product Design, Software, and Software Engineering.


Based in Tokyo, DESIGN PROMOTION specializes in sectors like Advertising, Market Research, Printing, Product Design.

Hashimoto Sogyo

Located in Chuo, Hokkaido, Hashimoto Sogyo offers a wide spectrum of services from information processing to leasing and casualty insurance agency in addition to its contributions in product design.


OSMIC Co., Ltd., founded by Ono Hiroyuki, is based in Tokyo and has made significant strides in Agriculture and Product Design. The company credits its success to the thorough customer perspective as its corporate philosophy.


Nola, located in Kyoto, extends across an extensive range of sectors including Advertising, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Internet, Product Design, Product Management, and Web Design. Founded by Machiko Seto, the company brings a fresh and dynamic concept to product design.


Based in Musashimurayama, Tokyo, Biocmos marks its presence in Manufacturing, Product Design, and Semi-conductor. This company reflects the fusion of technology and product design.


Aproite, another Tokyo-based company makes its stand in Creative Agency and Product Design. The company is a testament to the amalgamation of creativity and technology in the field of product design.

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