Manufacturing Engineering Excellence: Notable Washington-Based Companies

January 12, 2024

Manufacturing has been a cornerstone of Washington’s economy for decades, and that tradition continues with new, innovative companies entering the field. These businesses face unique challenges due to the complex nature of manufacturing and the speed of technological advancement, but they are stepping up to the plate and finding success. In this article, we will highlight some of the companies that have been founded since 2015 and are demonstrating excellence in manufacturing, right here in Washington.

The companies we’re highlighting in this article represent a variety of manufacturing specialties, from electronics and consumer products to medical devices and renewable energy. These innovative businesses are contributing to Washington’s reputation as a hub for manufacturing and technological innovation.

While each company has its own strengths and capabilities, they are all contributing to Washington’s economy by supporting local jobs and fostering a strong manufacturing community. Here are some of the standout companies that are paving the way for the future of manufacturing in Washington.


Located in Seattle, ASA is a manufacturing company making a name for itself in the industry. Though we know little about the founders or detailed operations, ASA represents the myriad of small companies contributing to Washington’s manufacturing sector.


VIAR, founded by Blaz Zafosnik, Jernej Mirt, Marko Munda, and Ziga Berce, is a revolutionary startup that utilizes technology to help businesses around the world. Operating at the intersection of augmented reality, industrial manufacturing, and knowledge management, VIAR is dedicated to providing easy-to-use authoring & distribution tools for Virtual & Augmented Reality, showcasing another side of manufacturing. Find VIAR on Facebook and LinkedIn.

KLIK Communications Inc.

With Costa Lakoumentas among its founders, KLIK Communications, based in Bellevue, is a leader in collaboration technology delivering seamless wireless screen sharing solutions. They have a range of products that cater to classrooms, meeting rooms, and conference centers. Check out KLIK Communications on Facebook and LinkedIn.

S2 Media

Based in Spokane, S2 Media is a manufacturing company focused on prepared culture media for microbiology testing. Its dishes support the growth of microorganisms for a variety of industries. S2 Media was founded by Molly Paridon, Sommer Teague, and Stephanie Bernards. You can follow S2 Media on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Mystic Self LLC

Kent-based Mystic Self LLC specializes in high-quality products like gemstone jewelry, pashmina shawls, and women’s handbags. The manufacturing company has a significant online presence, emphasizing its e-commerce roots. Connect with Mystic Self on Facebook.


A spin-out from the University of Washington labs, Membrion was founded by Greg Newbloom. The Seattle-based company is a leader in manufacturing for the renewable energy sector. You can learn more about Membrion on LinkedIn.


Fortive, founded by Jim Lico, operates as a manufacturing conglomerate, bringing together more than 20 industry-leading industrial growth and technology companies. Based in Everett, Fortive is a significant contributor to Washington’s manufacturing sector. Follow Fortive on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Harshil Goel, Dyndrite Corp develops manufacturing software, enabling users to create detailed 3D models. This Seattle-based company demonstrates the convergence of manufacturing and cutting-edge software development.


Teamatical, founded by Ivan Chachkov, is a Kirkland-based company manufacturing custom athletic jerseys and apparel. They leverage proprietary technology to deliver a seamless user experience from design to fulfillment. Connect with Teamatical on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Ubio Labs

Bellevue-based Ubio Labs, founded by Jason Lemelson, specializes in advanced power management solutions and stands out as one of the leaders in the consumer electronics manufacturing sector. You can find Ubio Labs on Facebook and LinkedIn.


TruSkin, based in Seattle, has successfully built its manufacturing brand around plant-powered beauty products, including their best-selling facial serum. TruSkin is thriving in the e-commerce retail segment, significantly contributing to Washington’s manufacturing industry. Follow TruSkin on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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