New York’s Innovative Pharmaceutical Engineering Companies: A Spotlight

February 9, 2024

The bio-pharmaceutical industry is rapidly growing with multiple companies starting their operations over the last few years. Some of these promising companies, headquartered in New York, are contributing significantly to the pharmaceutical landscape. This article highlights some of these companies, all of which were established in 2015 or later.

These startups cover several pharmaceutical aspects, including health care consultancy, scientific services, production of medical components, addiction care and management, deposit manufacturing, and beyond. In this write-up, we explore each company, their industry domains, and their contributions in the field.

In alphabetical order:

Stirred Water Herbs

Based in Acra, New York, Stirred Water Herbs, operating in the Alternative Medicine, Health Care, Pharmaceutical industry, is an affordable herbal health care consultancy. The company is dedicated to providing its customers with top-rated vitamins and herbs. Facebook

Albany Molecular Research

Albany Molecular Research Inc., found by Thomas D’Ambra, offers fully integrated drug discovery, development, and manufacturing services. The company works in the Biotechnology, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical industry, aims at improving quality of life while delivering excellence and maximum returns. Facebook | LinkedIn

PiSA Biopharm

PiSA BioPharm, specializing in Health Care, Manufacturing, and Pharmaceutical industries, focuses on the demands of hospital pharmacists, infusion nurses, veterinarians and drug compounders. They offer a wide range of value-added products that optimize workflow, minimize infection risks, and enhance workplace safety. LinkedIn

Addictions Care Center of Albany

The Addictions Care Center of Albany (ACCA) operates in Health Care, Medical, Outpatient Care, and Pharmaceutical industries. This award-winning company is nationally recognised for its successful treatment and prevention programmes. Facebook | LinkedIn


LEOSONS is a leading player in the Medical, Medical Device, and Pharmaceutical industry. Facebook | LinkedIn

BioAktive Specialty Products

Considered one of the significant players in the Cosmetics, Nutrition, Personal Health, and Pharmaceutical industries, BioAktive Specialty Products is steadily carving a niche in the dynamic medicinal world. Facebook | LinkedIn

Pharmaceutical Labs

Pharmaceutical Labs, operating in the Biotechnology, Manufacturing, Medical, Pharmaceutical sectors, is renowned for offering sterile production and admixing solutions that meet the needs of medical facilities. They manufacture complex admixing products, in strict adherence to the FDA’s CGMP guidelines.

Alden Pharmacy

Alden Pharmacy provides vaccines, vaccine boosters, and other pharmaceutical products to customers. This E-Commerce, Health Care, Mobile Apps, Pharmaceutical company also offers free local delivery and mobile apps for IOS and Android. Facebook | LinkedIn

Saxon Glass Technologies

Saxon Glass Technologies operating in the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Life Science, and Manufacturing industries, serves clients in the pharmaceutical sector, ballistic glass, and electronic display device industries. They specialize in glass strengthening that increases fracture strength, fatigue resistance, thermal shock resistance, and abrasion resistance. LinkedIn

Altamont Spray Welding

Altamont Spray Welding manufactures parts for various machinery used in Industrial, Machinery Manufacturing, Manufacturing, and Pharmaceutical industries. Their services include stainless steel fabricating, sheet metal fabrication, pump repair and rebuilding, and gearbox repair. Facebook | LinkedIn

Ony Inc

Last but not least, ONY Biotech, operating in the Biotechnology, Health Care, and Pharmaceutical industry, develops non-invasive neonatal therapies for babies with respiratory distress syndrome, thus improving respiration and preventing respiratory distress in newborns. Facebook | LinkedIn

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