Texas-Based Emerging Companies Revolutionizing Texas Oil and Gas Engineering

February 9, 2024

Welcome to the ever-dynamic and exciting world of engineering in the Oil and Gas industry. While this sector has existed for many years, it is constantly refreshed by innovative companies that are continuously founded to provide new technologies, perspectives, or services. In this article, we have chosen to focus on companies that were established in 2015 or later and whose headquarters are located in Texas.

These businesses operate in various sub-sectors within the Oil and Gas industry, highlighting the diversity of opportunities within this field. Our selection includes companies that specialize in everything from energy and industrial services to marketing and technical support. Despite these differences, all of these companies are united in their connection to Oil and Gas and their commitment to quality and innovation in their respective areas.

Whether you’re interested in this industry as a potential employee, a potential customer, or simply an interested observer, these businesses will provide a fascinating glimpse into the modern face of Oil and Gas in Texas. We hope that you enjoy exploring these companies as much as we enjoyed researching them for this article.

South Plains Petroleum

Founded by Richard Quintal and Suzanne Ruffini, South Plains Petroleum is a production company that focuses on re-evaluating data from old and abandoned oil and gas wells. By taking advantage of previous exploration efforts, they aim to find new and/or remaining reserves and increase potential profits.

Landmaster Partners

Also founded by Richard Quintal, Landmaster Partners evaluate older oil and gas properties for acquisition before reselling the property for a profit. They’ve acquired several exceptional properties in the past several years, confirming oil and gas presence and production.

Western Marketing

Serving the industry for over 60 years, Western Marketing emphasizes on providing petroleum products to a growing customer base. They are a regional supplier of bulk and packaged lubricants, catering to transportation, agriculture, and energy pumping and gathering systems.

Permex Petroleum

Permex Petroleum is a company that provides oil and natural gas assets. They combine the development of production assets for long-term growth with current and future projects. Customers can inquire about their services through phone, email, and online applications.

Berry Marketing Logistics

Operating within the oil and gas industry, Berry Marketing Logistics provides a range of advertising, industrial, and marketing solutions.

Integrity Wireline

Integrity Wireline specializes in providing pipe recovery services to combat a number of common issues. Their service package includes bridge plugs, dump bailing cement, squeeze holes, back-offs, shoot-offs, and jet cuts.

Byrd Oilfield Services

Byrd Oilfield Services is a provider of contract casing, laydown and other oilfield services to oil and natural gas exploration and production companies.

Ledger Petroleum

Founded by Paul A. Thomas and W. Allan Meador, Ledger Petroleum is an asset management firm that specializes in acquiring and managing income-producing interests in producing oil and gas properties.

Dansco Manufacturing

Dansco Manufacturing caters to the oil and gas industry through providing a range of industrial and manufacturing services.

Fleet Cementers

Fleet Cementers is a private company providing pressure pumping services including cementing, fracturing, acidizing, coil tubing pumping, and nitrogen pumping.

IIA Field Services

Operating within the industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, and oil and gas sectors, IIA Field Services provides a variety of comprehensive services.

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