Texas-Based Renewable Energy Engineering Companies Flourishing

February 10, 2024

Renewable energy continues to be a rising sector amid the growing global awareness of sustainable practices and climate change mitigation. This is particularly noticeable in the state of Texas, where several new companies have emerged with innovative solutions in renewable energy, oil and gas, energy conservation, leasing, training and more. Born after 2015, these rising stars aim to drive the industry forward with fresh ideas and technologies.

These companies range from Run Energy’s maintenance and operational services to Blade Platforms’ aerial work platform and spider platform rental. In addition, Alden Energy Consulting LLC is focused on enhancing procurement methods and carrying out energy conservation projects, while Muse, Stancil provides analysis and consultancy services in the petroleum industry. Alongside these, we find new companies like North Texas Energy and MDM Permian focusing on oil and gas exploration and production, with FESCO and Stout Energy Solutions providing various products and services in the energy sector.

Below is a more detailed look at each of these promising companies, highlighting their various business foci, backgrounds and achievements in the renewable energy industry.

Run Energy

Founded by Damon Liew, Run Energy provides a wide array of operations, maintenance, installation and technical services for the energy and environmental industries worldwide. The company tailors its services according to changing customer needs and has consistently adopted innovative ways to meet requirements in the renewable energy and IT sectors. Learn more about Run Energy on their LinkedIn page.

Landmaster Partners

With founder Richard Quintal at the helm, Landmaster Partners, Inc. evaluates and acquires older oil & gas properties before reselling them for a considerable profit. Landmaster Partners has a strong presence on Facebook.

Blade Platforms

Blade Platforms is a leading platform rental company offering IPAF training and certification. The company provides solutions for renewable energy, real estate development, and aerospace sectors. Check them out on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Noble Royalties

Scott Noble initiated Noble Royalties, an independent oil and gas royalties buyer. The company is making strides in the area of renewable energy.

J-W Operating Company

Operating in the renewable energy sector, the J-W Operating Company is making its mark in the market with a focus on energy production and conservation.

Alden Energy Consulting LLC

As a full-service, independent energy consultancy and a brokerage firm, Alden Energy Consulting LLC specializes in saving money for clients through enhanced procurement methods or through energy conservation projects. You can learn more about them by visiting their LinkedIn page or following them on Twitter.

Muse, Stancil

Muse, Stancil is an energy consultancy firm in the petroleum industry. They provide a wide range of services from electric power, energy appraisals, natural gas, petrochemical, renewables to support in mergers and acquisitions. They maintain a strong online presence with their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

North Texas Energy

North Texas Energy focuses on drilling and development of new oil wells in fields. Using innovative identification and recovery methods, the company achieves significant production from new oil and gas wells.

MDM Permian

Started by Michael L. Rafael, MDM Permian analyzes the possibility of production of multi-million barrel reserves of oil and natural gas from non-conventional reservoirs. Follow them on Twitter.


Founded by W.E. Findley Jr., FESCO, Ltd offers a diverse range of energy services and solutions for their clients. Learn more from their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Stout Energy Solutions

Stout Energy provides spare parts for operations and maintenance along with upgraded solutions. They streamline procurement and operations and provide complete inventory surveys. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

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