Texas Manufacturing: Pioneering Engineering Companies Revolutionizing the Industry

January 24, 2024

Modern engineering and manufacturing represent a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape, with startups sprouting up every year to meet diverse needs across industries. This series uncovers the exciting and innovative companies operating within different realms of the manufacturing industry, from civil engineering to 3D technology and everything in-between. This article turns its attention to Texas, a state burgeoning with engineering and manufacturing startups with a spotlight on those created in or after 2015. Texas is home to numerous manufacturing businesses making significant strides in their respective sectors and contributing to local and global economies.

With vast investment and development opportunities plus a strong talent pool, Texas continues to attract entrepreneurs. These businesses are not only catering to various industry needs but also paving the way for innovative solutions and advanced technologies. They are witnessing growth in their markets, mainly because of their ability to offer cost-effective and high-quality solutions, impeccable customer service, or revolutionary technology.

This article delves into the profiles of such companies, from their inception to current operations, the challenges they faced, and the milestones they have achieved. We explore their unique selling propositions, their strategic edge in the respective markets, and their visions for the future.


Stellar Drilling Fluids

Cosine Additive, Inc.

Cosine Additive has made significant strides since its inception in 2015. Based in Houston, Texas, it has earned its reputation in the 3D Printing, Machinery Manufacturing, and other sectors. Co-founders Andrew McCalip and Jason Miller envisioned a revolution in the 3D printing industry which led to the creation of the world’s first open format industrial class polymer 3D printer, marking a paradigm shift in cost, speed, and versatility in the industry.

Global Threads LLC

Global Threads is a Dallas-based custom print apparel company co-founded by Kyle McAllister in 2015. The company has emerged as a prominent apparel designer and manufacturer with clients spread across the globe.

AviX Aero

AviX Aero, based in Dallas, Texas, provides innovative commercial aircraft technologies and solutions services. They offer an onboard system weight and balance measurement system, the strut data collection system, and other data services.

Pippins Enterprises

Houston Embroidery Service

Your one-stop-shop for all your custom embroidery needs is Houston Embroidery Service, better known as Houston Emb. For any promotional products, the company has all solutions to offer.

Imprint Aftercare

Imprint Aftercare marks a vital presence in the Cosmetics, Healthcare, and Manufacturing sectors in Fort Worth, Texas. Founded by Philip Thepkaysone, the company specializes in formulating high-quality tattoo aftercare products.

PhotoSound Technologies

PhotoSound Technologies is leading in providing a 3D imaging platform for in vivo preclinical research and drug discovery based on co-registered photoacoustic and fluorescence tomography technology.

Boss Bidet

Co-founded by Ahmad Abuleil, Boss Bidet is on a mission to make bidets the standard in every bathroom. The company sees its purpose as helping to preserve the environment while making people feel clean, fresh, and confident.

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