UK-Based Pharmaceutical Engineering Firms: Innovations and Successes

February 9, 2024

The UK has always been a hub of innovation and technological advancements, and this is particularly true when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry. With the advent of new companies emerging in this field, the dynamics of the industry have been changed. These companies have been diligently working towards exploring new avenues in terms of the discovery and development of drugs and bringing revolution in the health care sector. This article highlights some of the companies that were founded in 2015 or later, operate within the pharmaceutical industry, and are located in the United Kingdom.

Operating in the health care, medical, and pharmaceutical fields respectively, these companies bring a diverse range of expertise and innovation to the world. From advancements in live biotherapeutics to the development of new therapeutic drugs, these companies are driving change in the industry with their pioneering research and revolutionary products.

The companies listed below are making significant strides in the pharmaceutical industry, impacting the lives of countless people throughout the UK and beyond. Their work includes a variety of pharmaceutical projects, ranging from enhancing drug delivery systems to revolutionising the diagnosis and treatment of several chronic and deadly diseases. Here are brief introductions to these companies:

Evans Pharmacy

Headquartered in Abercarn, Caerphilly, Evans Pharmacy operates in health care, medical, and pharmaceutical industries. They have been involved dutifully in making healthcare accessible to the general public. Facebook   Linkedin

4D Pharma

Headquartered in Aberdeen, 4D Pharma, co-founded by Alexander Stevenson and Duncan Peyton, is a world leader in developing live biotherapeutics. They use bacteria, naturally found in our gut, for the prevention, treatment and cure of a disease. They are focused on various therapeutic programmes ranging from autoimmune diseases to cancers. Linkedin


Antoxis, founded by Donald McPhail and based in Aberdeen, is a drug discovery company. They use their patented Kromex technology to generate New Chemical Entities (NCE) aimed at numerous high-value clinical indications. Linkedin

Signal Pharma Ltd

Signal Pharma Ltd, also based in Aberdeen, works in drug discovery and preclinical development of drugs for diseases not adequately helped by current therapies. They specialize in developing the drugs to a late preclinical stage prior to licensing.


Vitrology, another company based in Aberdeen, is a biopharmaceutical contract testing organization. They play a significant role in the biosafety testing sector of the pharmaceutical industry. Linkedin


Haptogen, located in Aberdeen, focuses on drug discovery and development of therapeutic antibodies that bind to haptens.


GlykoGen, is a biotechnology company based in Aberdeen. Linkedin  Twitter

Biovation Ltd.

Also based in Aberdeen, Biovation Ltd. is an antibody and protein engineering company specializing in the generation of therapeutic antibodies and proteins which are non-immunogenic in man.


Healthcare247, founded by Robin Andersson, is an online store for pharmaceuticals based in Aberdeen. They engage in exporting and supplying anti-cancer medications, among other kinds of medication.

Aber Instruments

Located in Aberystwyth, Aber Instruments make a variety of on-line probes to measure or count the viability of cells in fermentors, cell culture bioreactors, and brewing applications. Facebook  Linkedin  Twitter


Last but not least, Immunocore, co-founded by Bent Jakobsen and Nick Cross and located in Abingdon, is a company that specializes in the development of novel T cell receptor-based drugs. Their work has resulted in their first product candidate, IMCgp100, entering clinical trials for patients with metastatic melanoma. Facebook  Linkedin  Twitter

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