US AgTech Engineering Companies: Innovations in American Agriculture Industry

2024 Update
January 5, 2024

Agtech, which is short for agricultural technology, is emerging as a crucial industry in the United States. With the population expected to hit 9.6 billion by 2050, farmers will need to produce 70% more food. This seemingly impossible task is becoming feasible thanks to the development of Agtech which targets diverse agriculture problems, enhancing productivity and sustainability. This article will focus on some start-up companies based in the U.S which were set up after 2015 and are using their technological expertise to revolutionize the AgTech industry.

The scope of AgTech is vast. It ranges from drones examining crop health to advanced software predicting agricultural trends. Modern farmers use AgTech to optimize farm management, improve yield and reduce resources wastage. This field is proving to be an interesting investment for venture capitalists, with the AgTech sector attracting billions of dollars each year. This article will highlight some of the innovative start-ups which are making waves in this fascinating sector.

Trends in AgTech are predicting a future of micro-climate weather forecasts, robotic automation, indoor vertical farms and genetically modified plants to adapt to our changing environment. The following companies, all launched after 2015, are pioneering the way in these fields. Through their work, they are not only sustaining the future of food production but also our planet.

UAV-IQ Precision Agriculture

Founded by Andreas Neuman, Michael Clark, and Thomas Grandperrin, UAV-IQ stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Intelligence. This company within the Agriculture, AgTech, Drone Robotics, Sustainability, and Wine and Spirits sectors operates in Los Angeles, California, United States. UAV-IQ, has developed a groundbreaking drone-based biocontrol service, beneficial insects are efficiently released to control pest populations as an alternative to pesticides. This service provides efficient and sustainable ways of managing crop pests and diseases. The company’s commendable expansion plans aim to go beyond their present service in California to new markets throughout the U.S and the rest of the world.

Agron LLC

Based in Denver, Colorado, Agron LLC is an AgTech company offering services within the E-Commerce, Hydroponics, and Farming sectors. The company was founded by Jeff Gordon and mainly deals with agriculture consultation.


Located in Spokane, Washington, Share.Farm, a company founded by Adam Hegsted and Vincent Peak operates within the AgTech and Enterprise Software sectors. They have developed an aggregate procurement platform for institutional food buyers and minority producers ensuring stabilization of regional food systems.


HeavyConnect is an AgTech company based in Salinas, California. Founded by Jessica Gonzalez and Patrick Zelaya, the company has developed a cloud-based compliance management platform for food supply chains, offering solutions for food safety and more.

Equinox Holding Corp

Based in Wilmington, Delaware, Equinox Holding Corp is an investment company involved in multiple industries including AgTech. They have businesses in tourism, real estate, and vacation rentals as well as agriculture.


WaterBit, founded by Leif Chastaine and Manu Pillai, provides automated irrigation solutions based on crop growth stage and soil conditions. The company is based in San Jose, California, and operates in the Agriculture, AgTech, Robotics and Software industry.

Thrive Agritech

Thrive Agritech, headed by Brian Bennett, is based in New York. The company designs and manufactures advanced lighting fixtures for indoor agriculture, focusing on providing energy-efficient solutions.

AgriSource Data

AgriSource Data, based in Roswell, Georgia, is an AgTech company that leverages technology to provide precision agricultural solutions and smart irrigation management systems. The company was founded by Benjamin Worley, Jared Young, and Steve Strout.

Microclimates Inc.

Founded by Neda Vaseghi, Microclimates Inc. is a Controlled Environmental Agriculture Software company, making use of information technology to provide precision agriculture solutions.

Teksun Inc

Founded by Amrut Kamani, Brijesh Jagani, and Brijesh Kamani, California-based Teksun Inc provides technology solutions to innovative, fast-growing companies. The company operates across many sectors including AgTech, Consumer Electronics and Industrial Automation.

CIBO Technologies

CIBO Technologies, founded by Bruno Basso, is a AgTech company based in Saint Louis Park, Minnesota. Leveraging advanced technologies, the company is providing deeper insights into agricultural systems to mitigate climate change and improve grower outcomes.

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