US-Based Natural Resources Engineering Companies Making Industrious Strides

February 9, 2024

In this entry of our series highlighting companies working in key engineering sub-sectors, we will be highlighting a select number of relatively new companies, all having been established since 2015, that operate specifically in the natural resources industry. All of these companies are based in the United States and are making waves in their respective fields. We have a broad range of companies to introduce, varying from analytics and mapping services to biotechnology and clean energy.

Progress in the natural resources sector is paramount to the continued development of not just the United States, but the world as a whole. These modern companies are at the forefront of innovation and efficiency, often using cutting-edge technology to make the best use of the environment around them. Some are even using their particular industry knowledge to better the world, promoting sustainability and responsible stewardship of the Earth’s resources.

Without further ado, let’s explore some of the trail-blazing companies in the natural resources sector that were established post-2015 and currently operate within the United States:


Established in 2015 in Boulder, Colorado by Dmitry Solomentsev, AeroState is pioneering the way when it comes to air quality forecasting. They provide both global and city-specific forecasts, helping to raise awareness about the importance of air quality around the world. AeroState’s innovative platform even carries out accuracy assessments and provides a comparative look at results from a range of data sources, making crucial information accessible to a wide audience.

Patriot Coffee Roasters

Operating out of Lakeland, Florida, Patriot Coffee Roasters specializes in delivering handmade, small-batch coffees right to customer’s front doors. They provide a fully customized service, with customers able to select flavor preferences, sizes, and delivery frequency. In a market traditionally dominated by big corporations, Patriot Coffee Roasters emphasizes a personalized approach.


Based in Houston, Texas, EORTH operates within the oil and gas industry. More information can be found on the company’s official website.


Vutility was launched in Sandy, Utah by David Greco and Stephen Ellis. The company is taking the lead when it comes to real-time, high-resolution energy monitoring solutions. This service allows businesses to optimize their energy consumption and enhance operational efficiencies. Their unique HotDrop™ technology has proven useful across a range of retail and commercial industries.

Richi Entrepreneurs

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Richi Entrepreneurs operates a three-week program for startups in life sciences and cleantech. The goal of these programs is to absorb best practices from Boston’s ecosystem and to potentially create synergies with local stakeholders.

The NDN Companies

Located in Jacksonville, Florida, The NDN Companies operate in the construction and environmental engineering industry. More information can be found on the company’s website.

Lilac Solutions

Lilac Solutions is a mining technology company situated in Middletown, Rhode Island. Co-founded by David Snydacker, the firm has pioneered a cutting-edge ion exchange technology to tackle challenges faced by lithium producers. The innovation also helps to unlock potential new resource prospects.


Headquartered in Santa Cruz, California, 2NDNATURE was founded by Nicole G. Beck. The company envisions delivering actionable science that supports sustainable water resource stewardship and community resilience. Their stormwater management and compliance platform brings transparency to urban land management and helps local governments to comply with Clean Water Act requirements efficiently.

Discovery Midstream

Based in Dallas, Texas, Discovery Midstream is a company providing outstanding service to oil and gas producers. This company was built by Drew Chambers and Steven Edward Meisel. The company aims to maximize the value of each producer they work with, providing exceptional service and working to optimize cost structure and service levels.

SLANT Energy

SLANT Energy operates out of Lafayette, Louisiana. This firm was founded by Stewart Stover, Sean Gill, and Thomas Saloom with the goal of growing their portfolio through drilling and acquiring oil and gas production. The company has positioned itself to increase it’s portfolio through strategic purchasing and production.


Tim Colin founded Sostena in Davis, California with the goal of creating more value in the agricultural supply chain. As the world’s population continues to grow, creating practices to do more with less is Sostena’s main aim within the agricultural community. They recognize that the continued health and growth of this sector is crucial to providing for the increasing global population.

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