US-Based Product Design Engineering Companies Emerging

February 10, 2024

The product design industry is among the fastest-growing sectors in today’s business landscape, with countless startups launching and innovating in the field. Product design firms primarily focus on creating innovative products that meet customers’ needs. In essence, these companies are behind many of the products we use in our daily lives. Their work involves innovative thinking, exhaustive research, and the use of cutting-edge technology. Here, we take a look at some of these companies that have been founded from 2015 onwards and are headquartered in the United States.

2GIG Engineering, Barnware, and Classic Sun Control are just a few names that have made a strong impact on this sector worldwide. The United States has been a hotbed for such startups, with many of them coming up strongly despite the tough competition. Each company brings something new to the sector, and many of them have come up with products and services that have revolutionized the product design industry.

It’s not easy to build a successful product design company, and every startup faces its set of challenges. However, these young companies show resilience and a laser-sharp focus on innovation. Whether they are working on manufacturing, e-commerce, commercial architecture, or residential product design, all are contributing to making the world more convenient, efficient, and beautiful. Let’s look at these inspiring startups in more detail.

2GIG Engineering

The Abbot, Maine-based 2GIG engineering is a leader in the field of manufacturing, product design, and supply chain management. The company was co-founded by Jody Knowles and has garnered significant attention for its innovative work in the sector.
To learn more visit their LinkedIn and Facebook.


In the e-commerce, manufacturing, product design, and retail sector, Barnware based out of Aberdeen in North Carolina is a torchbearer. The company operates a thriving business that has shown substantial growth in the recent past. Visit their Facebook page to learn more.

Classic Sun Control

Operating out of Aberdeen, North Carolina, Classic Sun Control specializes in architecture, commercial, manufacturing, and residential product designs that have made a profound impact on the industry. Their LinkedIn and Facebook provide more in-depth details.

Clark Engineering Corporation

Clark Engineering Corporation is renowned for its work in information technology, product design, and web design. The company, based in Aberdeen, South Dakota, consistently displays innovation and has garnered substantial attention in the industry. More information about Clark Engineering Corporation can be found on their LinkedIn page.


C-Tecnics has made a name for itself in the fields of developer platform, manufacturing, and product design. Located in Aberdeen, South Dakota, this firm has been delivering top-tier underwater imaging and video recording systems for over 20 years. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages to learn more.

Abrasive Blast Systems

A specialist in industrial, manufacturing, and product design, Abrasive Blast Systems from Abilene, Kansas, produces high-quality sandblast equipment. Visit their LinkedIn and Facebook to learn more.

Tige Boats

Abilene, Texas-based Tige Boats is making waves in the boating industry with its innovative and well-designed boats. Founded by Charlie Pigeon, the company’s work is widely recognized and appreciated. Learn more through their LinkedIn or Facebook.

Abilene Millwork

Abilene Millwork specializes in commercial, home improvement, manufacturing, and product design. Their custom projects are highly prized and they have a strong presence in the industry. Follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Samuel EPC

Samuel EPC is a shining example of a leading company in the foundries, manufacturing, and product design sectors. Their dedicated services in fabrication, modularization, engineering, procurement, and construction of various products have been consistent. Stay updated with them by following their LinkedIn.

Sign Pro

Sign Pro based in Abilene, Texas specializes in digital signage, manufacturing, and product design. They have a significant slew of effective products and services that cater to a variety of businesses and their specific needs.

Damascus Corporation

Lastly, Damascus Corporation, located in Abingdon, Virginia, offers a wide variety of mining vehicles, industrial vehicles, and rock dusters. Their innovative product designs have received widespread praise from clients and industry leaders alike. Check them out on LinkedIn.

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