Australian Manufacturing: Spotlight on New Engineering Companies Down Under

February 9, 2024

Australia’s engineering sector has witnessed considerable growth over the last decade, with numerous companies emerging in this space. Notably, many of these companies operate within the manufacturing industry, producing everything from food and beverage goods to electronics, automotive parts, and even aerospace vehicles. Founded since 2015, these companies truly embody the spirit of innovation that has come to define the country’s engineering scene. This article presents a closer look at several of these forward-thinking Australian Manufacturing companies.

Remarkably, many of these companies have turned their focus towards creating environmentally friendly solutions – a testament to Australia’s commitment to sustainability. In the automobile sector, for instance, more and more manufacturers are developing electric vehicles and innovative transportation systems that reduce CO2 emissions. Moreover, in industries like food and beverage, companies are using organic materials and establishing carbon-neutral operations.

From Sydney to South Melbourne, Brisbane to Perth, we’ll take you on a journey through several progressive manufacturing companies, all of which have charted fresh waters with their own unique engineering solutions. Whether these firms are manufacturing electric vehicles, making almond milk, producing renewable energy equipment, designing virtual reality tools, or developing advanced biotech treatments for diseases, they all exhibit common traits – a fearless embrace of technological advancements and a deep respect for the environment.

EVSE Australia

Established by Sam Korkees, EVSE Australia, based in Sydney, operates within the Electric Vehicle manufacturing industry. Dedicated to accelerating Australia’s transition towards electric vehicles, the company provides quality EV chargers and comprehensive installation services.


Founded in 2015 in Seaford, Victoria, by Ahmed Cheikhrouhou and Haroun Gharbi, Polysmart combines elements of graphic design, local manufacturing, and plastics. The company also provides training courses covering poly welding techniques.

Almo Milk

South Melbourne-based Almo Milk operates in the food and beverage manufacturing industry, creating delicious, healthy, and sustainable almond milk products.


Based in Brisbane, Queensland, LashJoy is a leading provider of quality eyelash extension supplies, operating within the consumer goods, e-commerce, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors.


Established by Tom Gunthorpe, Agriscan is a manufacturing company located in Kangiara, New South Wales. The firm specializes in providing innovative solutions to the agricultural industry.

Sizzle Promotions Pty. Ltd.

This venture, situated in Daylesford, Victoria, operates within the advertising, e-commerce, manufacturing, and product design sectors.

High Purity Quartz Pty Ltd

High Purity Quartz Pty Ltd, based in Melbourne, operates in the energy, manufacturing, and renewable energy sectors, with a special focus on solar solutions.


Founded by Asfand Khan, Rahul Koduri, and Rich Boers, in Sydney, EORA 3D uses cutting-edge computer vision tech to capture physical reality as 3D Models. The start-up serves various industries including mining, engineering and design, 3D printing and animation, and AR applications.

Tiller Rides

Perth-based Tiller Rides, created by Julian Ilich and Ray Glickman, is a manufacturing company known for its futuristic urban riding solutions. integrating modern technology with high-grade parts for an unparalleled experience.

Carina Biotech

A biotechnology company based in Adelaide, South Australia, Carina Biotech develops cellular immunotherapies, with a particular focus on childhood cancers.

Alauda Aeronautics

Founded by Matthew Pearson, Alauda Aeronautics located in Adelaide, Southern Australia is a unique player in its field. The company, which works within the aerospace, industrial, and manufacturing sectors, is a performance flying car manufacturer. Noteworthy, the company has developed the vehicles that power the world’s first electric flying car racing series.

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