Emerging Spanish Manufacturing Engineering Companies: Local Innovation, Global Impact

February 9, 2024

From Valencia to Madrid, Barcelona to Baena – different parts of Spain are home to innovative companies in the manufacturing industry. These engineering and manufacturing companies span various sectors from e-commerce to automotive, organic baby food to interior design, construction, electronics, and even the beauty sector. All these companies share a common factor – they are Spanish based enterprises started in 2015 or later and make significant contributions to the manufacturing industry, underlining Spain’s potential as an engineering and manufacturing hub. Here are the top companies to take note of:


Agoradirect is a Valencia-based e-commerce business in the home and garden and machinery manufacturing sectors.

Buy 2 Race

Located in Bañoles, Catalonia, Buy 2 Race operates in the automotive, e-commerce, and manufacturing industries, providing a variety of quality goods. Check them out on Facebook.


Smileat, an organic baby food manufacturer, makes its presence felt in over 3000 sales points. They have made inroads into Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, and Hong Kong. Follow Smileat on @smileatbaby, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Grupo FYR Pacominios

Grupo FYR Pacominios, based in Baena, Andalucia, is a player in customer service, interior design, manufacturing, and windows industry. Connect with them on Facebook.


FERAX is based in Corró De Vall, Catalonia, and specialises in the construction, logistics, machinery manufacturing, service industry, and warehousing sectors. They provide a wide range of safety solutions that protect people, machinery, and facilities. Follow them on @FeraxEs and Facebook.

SP Control Technologies

In the automotive, electronics, and manufacturing industry is Madrid-based SP Control Technologies. The company has patented next-generation technology, producing designs that are 30% smaller, cheaper, and 90% faster. Find them on @andreasptech, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Platos de Ducha Natural

Platos de Ducha Natural operates in the manufacturing, marketing, retail, and sales sectors. They’re based in Alcorcón, Madrid. Follow them on Facebook.

Marcel Cluny

Marcel Cluny, based in Erandio, Pais Vasco, is actively involved in the beauty and cosmetic industry, and manufactures and supplies innovative makeup products and accessories online. Connect with them on Facebook.


U-SMART TOYS specialises in the design and manufacture of indoor and outdoor large-scale toys that reinterpret traditional street games for plazas and shopping malls. They are based in Barcelona, Catalonia, and operate in the Gaming, Hardware, Manufacturing, Shopping Mall, and Toys industries. Follow them on @u_smarttoys.

Aceites Canoliva

Aceites Canoliva operates in the food delivery, food processing, and manufacturing sectors out of Baena, Andalucia. You can follow them on @aceitescanoliva and LinkedIn.


Based in Pozuelo De Alarcón, Madrid, ENVERO RENTING is part of the manufacturing, wholesale, and wine and spirits industries. Do connect with them on LinkedIn.

All the above-mentioned companies, despite being in the early phase of their business journey, are making significant strides in their respective sectors. These companies are not only bolstering Spain’s manufacturing sector, but are also giving impetus to the nation’s economic growth.

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