Biotech Engineering Companies Flourishing in Massachusetts: An In-depth Review

January 9, 2024

With advances in biotechnology ever evolving, several innovative companies have emerged in the Massachusetts area since 2015. These include Lyndra Therapeutics, Replimune Group, Biofrontera, ZAGENO, Oncorus, Prospective Research, Soffio Medical, Provulis LLC, Piper Therapeutics, Richi Entrepreneurs, and Praxis Precision Medicines. These companies have contributed significantly to advancing both research and technology in the biotech industry, from groundbreaking drug development to the provision of superior biotech purchasing processes.

From a biotech company aiming to make daily pills a thing of the past to a firm creating microbiota-based solutions for fish farms, the diversity of the aims and techniques these firms employ speaks to the range of possibilities that the biotech industry presents. Furthermore, with much of their focus on improving global health outcomes and lowering healthcare costs, these companies continue to push the boundaries and innovate.

Here, we will delve into the specifics of each of these groundbreaking companies based in Massachusetts, highlighting their unique contributions to biotechnology and the health industry at large.

Lyndra Therapeutics

Founded by Amy Schulman, Andrew Bellinger, Colin R. Gardner, and Giovanni Traverso, Lyndra Therapeutics is working on ultra-long-acting, sustained-release therapies that make daily pills a thing of the past. The ultimate aim is to improve safety, efficacy, and adherence to medications. You can follow their work on their LinkedIn page.

Replimune Group

Replimune Group is founded by Philip Sparke and Robert Coffin. They are developing next-generation ‘oncolytic immunotherapies’ for treating cancer. The company has established its Immulytic™ platform to improve systemic immune activation through robust viral mediated immunogenic tumor cell killing and the delivery of optimal combinations of immune-activating proteins. See their LinkedIn page for more.


Biofrontera, a biopharmaceutical company founded in 2015, specializes in photodynamic therapy and topical antibiotics for pre-cancerous skin lesions and bacterial skin infections. Their progress can be followed on their LinkedIn page.


Founded by David Pumberger, Florian Wegener, and Kilian Veer, ZAGENO is an e-commerce platform that streamlines biotech purchasing processes. It has over 10 million products available and uses a best-in-class product rating system, the Scientific Score, to aid in purchasing decisions. You can stay updated on their progress through their LinkedIn page or Facebook page.


Oncorus, founded by Cyrus Mozayeni, Kenneth Greenberg, and Mitchell Finer, is a lean early-stage biotechnology company developing a next-generation immunotherapy platform to treat cancer. They pledge to donate a portion of product sales to support cancer research and care in the developing world. Follow their work on their LinkedIn page.

Prospective Research

Prospective Research, founded by Dakota Hamill, Jake Cotter, and W. Adam Hill, is creating antibiotic-free, feed incorporated preventative disease management solutions for the aquaculture industry. Check out their progress on their LinkedIn page.

Soffio Medical

Howard Levin and Mark Gelfand founded Soffio Medical, a company that develops medical apparatus for respiratory diseases.

Provulis LLC

Provulis LLC is a company active in the biotechnology sector.

Piper Therapeutics

Founded by Russ Wilcox, Piper Therapeutics is a pre-clinical drug discovery company. It is creating new therapies for inflammatory signaling and immune system response. Stay updated on their progress through their LinkedIn page or Facebook page.

Richi Entrepreneurs

Richi Entrepreneurs offers a three-week program designed to assist life sciences and cleantech startups to embrace best practices from Boston’s ecosystem. Follow their work on their LinkedIn page or Facebook page.

Praxis Precision Medicines

Founded by David Goldstein, Kiran Reddy, and Steven Petrou, Praxis Precision Medicines aims to translate genetic insights into developing therapies for central nervous system disorders (CNS) characterized by neuronal imbalance. Follow their work on their LinkedIn page.

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