Biotechnology Engineering Companies Thriving in The Netherlands: A Growth Review

January 9, 2024

The biotechnology industry is ever-evolving and constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible when it comes to health care and science. As part of a series commemorating innovative companies within various engineering subsections, this article will highlight some of the most exciting bioengineering companies that have emerged in the Netherlands since 2015. While their size, specialties, and exact products may vary, the collective impact of these companies on the biomedical field is profound.

Biotechnology merges biology with technology and engineering to devise solutions related to plant and animal life, human health, and the environment. In recent years, Dutch biotechnology firms have been at the forefront of many breakthrough innovations in health care, medical devices, and life sciences. This selection of companies showcase the dynamic and diverse nature of the engineering discipline in this tiny European nation, known for its progressive and pioneering spirit.

Without any further ado, let’s delve into the offerings and accomplishments of several notable biotechnology companies in the Netherlands that were established in 2015 or later.


Located in Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Sensius has been working on a revolutionary approach to cancer treatment since its inception. Combining radio- and chemotherapy with their novel thermotherapy technique, Sensius creates a safer and more effective treatment for patients dealing with a cancer diagnosis. Already, they have successfully treated 70 patients with their unique thermal technology device, which has been tailored specifically to treat head and neck cancers. Learn more about their work on their LinkedIn page.


Matricore in Geleen, Limburg, is another groundbreaking biotechnology company. With their innovative solution that allows a myriad of biomaterials to be uniquely combined, researchers and surgeons can fabricate standardized, stackable scaffolds that could revolutionize tissue constructs. Their approach enables the creation of complex 3D tissues with different cell types layered consecutively, opening up vast new possibilities in the worlds of medical research and treatment.


ToxGenSolutions, based in Maastricht, Limburg, focuses on understanding the molecular initiation events that drive certain pathologies, such as cancer and neurodegeneration. They employ (epi-)genetic approaches seeking to uncover preventive actions against these diseases. Visit their LinkedIn page for more insights on their exciting work.


Based in Leeuwarden, Friesland, Recell is a biotechnology company focusing on more than just healthcare. Instead, they have their sights set on greening entire supply chains—particularly those in the construction and chemical industries. By utilizing recovery and treatment of otherwise wasted cellulose, Recell aims to lead the charge in creating a circular economy. Learn more about them on their LinkedIn page.


Located in Andijk, Noord-Holland, Iplant is actively involved in the biotechnology and life sciences sectors. With their precise application of their work, Iplant offers potential transformative change in both of these sectors. For more insights, visit the LinkedIn page of Iplant.

Lava Therapeutics

Based in Utrecht, Lava Therapeutics has been involved in the development of a bispecific antibody platform. The platform is created to engage gamma-delta T cells for the treatment of solid cancers and blood cancer. You can find more information about them on their Facebook page and LinkedIn page.


Orexa, located in Oss, Noord-Brabant, offers therapeutic pharmaceutical solutions geared towards increasing food intake, which can lead to improved health, shorter hospital stays, and cost savings. Check out their engaging Facebook page and innovative work on the company’s LinkedIn page.

Sapreme Technologies

Situated in Bilthoven, Utrecht, Sapreme Technologies is focused on improving the efficacy and delivery of macromolecule therapeutics. Visit their LinkedIn page to find out more.


MRIguidance, based in Utrecht, is developing the medical imaging technology, BoneMRI. The technology fuses MR physics with image science to create superior imaging solutions. To follow their exciting journey, get in touch via their official Twitter account.


VitroScan is a biotechnology company located in Leiden, Zuid-Holland. It is developing certified predictive ex vivo 3D tumor testing services, aiding in the creation of accurate treatment responses for clinical trials. These trials are carried out in collaboration with expert clinicians from renowned oncology centers. To know more about the critical work they’re doing, check out their LinkedIn page.


Finally, Scinvivo is a medical technology company based in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland. It is focused in the field of bladder cancer medical needs and it aims to provide real time, ultra high resolution insights into anatomical structures during diagnosis. Follow their journey on their LinkedIn page.

These companies embody the innovative spirit of the biotechnology industry in The Netherlands. We can undoubtedly look forward to the remarkable contributions they will continue to make in reshaping health care, manufacturing, sustainability, and more, while pushing the limits of engineering potential.

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