California’s New Aerospace Engineering Companies Redefining the Industry

2024 Update
January 5, 2024

Inception of new and innovative companies in the Aerospace industry after 2015 has been high in the state of California. The rapidity and versatility of these startups are key factors impacting the technology and advancements in the field. This article showcases remarkable companies headquartered in California causing a groundbreaking ripple in the Aerospace industry. These companies, continually developing technology and solutions, are revolutionizing different engineering subsections. Each company’s background, including its founders, a description of its work, and social media links, are provided to offer an in-depth perspective on their operations and contributions.

With California being the innovation and technology hub of the world, more state-of-the-art inventions are springing up in the Aerospace industry. From advanced communication systems for space exploration to AI-based quality inspection models enhancing the industry’s standards, these companies are a testament to the fact that the Aerospace industry is symbiotic with constant evolution and revolution. The below-curated list of companies offers a closer look at these change-makers who are redefining the norms of the Aerospace industry.

It is crucial to take note of these companies, their uniqueness, and their strides in bringing about the change in standards through specialized operations. From companies that concentrate solely on Aerospace to those that are multi-industry-based entities, the diversity in this list exhibits the vast potential the Aerospace industry encompasses. These companies, though based in California, their influence is not just domestic but global.


Founded by Ender Tasdelen, Jon Grice, and Kemal Levi, Relimetrics operates from Sunnyvale, California. This full stack computer vision and machine learning software company provides quality control and inspection parameters for Industry 4.0 Applications. The company’s focus on automating visual inspections has made a mark in not just the Aerospace sector but also Automotive, Electronics, Machine Learning, and several others. More about them can be found on their LinkedIn page.


Focusing on continuous satellite connectivity, Audacy aims to usher in a revolutionary age in space exploration. This Mountain View-based company was founded by James Spicer, Ralph Ewig, and Sam Avery. The company’s efforts to provide seamless internet and telecommunications for space explorations are worth exploring at their social media pages on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Located in Emeryville, Cuberg, established by Mauro Pasta and Richard Wang, is advancing electromobility solutions by delivering high-performance lithium metal cells. Significant contributions to the Aerospace, Automotive, and Drones industries can be explored on their LinkedIn page.

NEO Tech

NEO Tech, headquartered in Chatsworth, is an amalgamation of three leading contract manufacturers: NATEL, EPIC, and OnCore. Founded by Sudesh Arora, the company provides full product lifecycle engineering services, manufacturing and testing of microelectronics, cable & harness interconnect products, PCBA, full box build assemblies, and aftermarket repair and fulfillment services. NEO Tech’s contributions in the Aerospace, Electronics, and several other sectors can be delved into on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


LightCense has devised an innovative identification system using visible color blink sequence. This California City-based future tech player in the Aerospace and Drones industry has yet to acknowledge its founders. Their advancements can be followed on their Twitter page.


Founded by Jonathan Gleason and Steven Swanson, Spacecraft is a Los Angeles-based organization providing inspiring gear for entrepreneurs to create inspiring workspaces. Their contributions to the Aerospace, Furniture, Product Design sectors are reference-worthy. Any updates are available on their Facebook page.

UVIONIX Aerospace

UVIONIX Aerospace is a Rancho Cordova based company boasting a cutting edge UAV dual coaxial rotor technology. Founded by Boris Iskrev and Yordan Iskrev, the company’s inventions are revolutionizing the Aerospace industry. Their work can be followed on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Grid Raster

GridRaster, based in Mountain View and founded by Bhaskar Banerjee, Dijam Panigrahi, Rishi Ranjan, and Venkat Ramana Dass, is an enabler of high-end VR/AR experiences. The company is marking its place in the Aerospace, Automotive, Software, and several other sectors. Updates on GridRaster are available at the company’s LinkedIn page.

Platinum Simulators Inc

Platinum Simulators Inc is an FAA approved flight simulation device company providing flight training for fixed wings and rotorcraft. The company, though newer and headquartered in Carlsbad, has made substantial contributions to the Aerospace, Manufacturing, and Training sectors. Their progress can be tracked on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

CR Flight

CR Flight, founded by James Ritchey, Randy Wishart, and Russ Pike, operates in San Carlos. CR Flight specializes in creating propeller systems with enhanced thrust efficiency for electric motors. Their contributions to the Aerospace and Drones industry can be accessed on their LinkedIn page.


Elefund, founded by Serik Kaldykulov and headquartered in Mountain View, has its fingers in more than just the Aerospace pie. Besides contributing to several sectors like Finance, Insurance, Mobile Apps, and Residential, the venture capital firm actively invests in benefiting millions around the world. More about Elefund can be found on its LinkedIn page.

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