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Carbon Capture and Storage Projects; Growth Of The Global Market

Greenhouse gas emissions from human activities strengthen the greenhouse effect, causing climate change. The primary source is Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from the burning of fossil fuels. 

Carbon Capture And Storage (CCS) Market Comprehensive Study is a new study on the global market CCS. The study details the leading players in CCS and the technology.

Organisations in the United States, Germany, Japan and Canada are identified as the leading players in the report;

The report identified the growing popularity of CCS in developing countries. Energy transition companies Technip Energies and Svante have jumped on this trend. They are planning to introduce Svante’s solid sorbent carbon capture technology to capture CO2 from gas outlets that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere. 

Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Russian Federation markets are the primary targets for energy-intensive industries. These include; blue hydrogen, refineries, petrochemicals, steel, and ammonia.

This partnership with Technip Energies will allow us to focus our development effort on building a scalable supply chain for active capture materials to address a broad carbon capture and removal solutions offering at the Gigaton scale.

Claude Letourneau, President and CEO of Svante

Implementing sorbent carbon capture technology allows the processes to maintain current production conditions and capture CO2. Is this the best technology to reduce CO2 emissions, or is an overhaul of mainstream chemical manufacturing methods the better option to become greener? 

What are your views? Leave your comments below. 

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