Colorado’s Innovative Engineering Companies Transforming Manufacturing Industry

January 24, 2024

Colorado may be known for its picturesque landscapes and outdoor recreations, but it’s also a burgeoning hotspot for new, innovative engineering companies, particularly in the manufacturing industry. Since 2015, the state has seen the inception of several standout companies operating within this sphere, from manufacturing consumer goods to medical devices. This article celebrates a diverse range of such Colorado headquartered manufacturing pioneers that were established post-2015. These companies embody the spirit of innovation, sustainability, and quality, reflective of modern progress and the role of engineering in forward-thinking industries.

Previously recognized as the home of traditional industries, Colorado is now attracting technological ventures. With its aptitude for progress, we’ll throw a spotlight over new establishments producing consumer electronics, healthcare products, specialized software, food & beverages, and more.

Let’s discover some game-changing names that continue to push the boundaries of excellence in manufacturing, representing the true essence of Colorado’s budding engineering landscape.

Wireless Efficiency LLC

Based in Westminster, Wireless Efficiency LLC is a manufacturing company that operates within the computer, consumer goods, electronics, hardware, and virtual reality industries. Co-founded by Lance Wu, this company is on a mission to deliver innovative and eco-friendly consumer products and services that enhance our lives by making them better, easier, and happier.

Skyland Analytics

Skyland Analytics, located in Niwot, is a data analytics and management software provider for process manufacturers in life science, medical, pharmaceutical, and related sectors. Co-founder Robert Di Scipio heads a team boasting diverse expertise in manufacturing, IT systems, data analytics, product quality, and manufacturing IP. Their software products meet FDA standards and tailor to precise pharmaceutical manufacturer requirements.

Fischer Medical

Co-founded by Wes Rogers, Fischer Medical is a leading medical device manufacturer located in Wheat Ridge. The company is the successor to Fischer Imaging Corporation, recognized as a pioneer of medical imaging equipment in the United States. The firm exemplifies quality and support in the manufacturing domain.

Impyrium, Inc.

Based in Durango, Impyrium, Inc., co-founded by Jim Mackay, operates within the realms of drones, electronics, manufacturing, and mechanical engineering.


REVEL GEAR, situated in Boulder, believes in doing business with integrity for societal benefit. Known for manufacturing outdoor products, they are committed to donating 1 million solar-powered lights to students in developing countries.

Mile High Labs

Mile High Labs, founded by Stephen Mueller and located in Broomfield, is an end-to-end certified manufacturer of premium CBD crude oil, distillate, and isolate. Their extraction process is scientifically advanced, and they supply a significant section of the world’s total CBD Isolate market.

Barn Owl Tech

Josh Phifer founded Barn Owl Tech in Colorado Springs. They manufacture surveillance systems for farms and barns alongside custom monitoring systems according to client interests.

Nepra Foods

Located in Englewood, Nepra Foods is dedicated to producing allergen-free flours. Founded by David Wood, Marc Olmsted, and Paul Feldman, they give food manufacturers access to nutritious ingredients to meet any taste and nutritional challenges.

EcoGen Laboratories

EcoGen Laboratories, in Grand Junction, is a vertically-integrated manufacturer and supplier of hemp-derived specialty ingredients, proprietary formulations, and private-label finished products.

Gobi Heat

Operating from Severance, Gobi Heat thrives in the domains of fashion, manufacturing, and textiles.

Prospect Life Sciences

Based in Westminster, Prospect Life Sciences is an active player in the healthcare, manufacturing, and medical device industries.

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