Emerging Biotech Engineering Companies Flourishing in China’s Industrial Landscape

January 10, 2024

Biotechnology, a interdisciplinary field blending engineering and biology, has been anever-changing industry since its inception. The rate of technological advancement andinnovation in this area is astounding. China is no stranger to these dynamics and is making its own strides in this particular industry. Here, we look at several Chinese companies, each making significant contributions in their own unique ways, and all established in the last decade.

China’s rapidly evolving biotech scene presents a plethora of opportunities. Its improvingregulatory environment, increasing government funding, and expanding pool of ambitious entrepreneurs have all contributed to a fertile landscape. Some of the companies that have recently risen to prominence include Haiyu Technology, Inquire Life Diagnostics, 23Mofang, Igenesis, Immunochina, BiotechSino, Yannuo Pharmaceutical, GenTarGet, Yunjian, ImmuneOnco Biopharma, and SC INGIA Biotechnology.

A common theme among these companies is their focus on biotechnology but they also span a wide range. From diagnostics to therapeutics, and across various spheres of application such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, agtech, and more. Below, we offer a glimpse into eachof these companies, their locations, founders, and the specialties they are developing.

Haiyu Technology

A company based in Shenzhen, Haiyu Technology operates in the competitive field of healthcare biotech. Despite limited information available regarding its operations and founders, it is undoubtedly among the impressive wave of emerging biotech companies in China.

Inquire Life Diagnostics

Located in Xian Shi, Inquire Life Diagnostics is a healthcare company utilizing biotech to advance the field of health diagnostics. Shan Jiang is reported to be one of the company’s founders, although further details remain undisclosed.


Founded by Zhou Kun, 23Mofang is centered in Chengdu and offers genetic testing services for Chinese people. Apart from that, they engage in life data analysis, building a large database of life. Their mission is to “data life, benefit everyone”, aiming to be a trustworthy technology enterprise. Connect with them through their LinkedIn.


Founded in Shanghai by Jiachang Yu, Igenesis is a manufacturer of molecular diagnostic technology and products. They concentrate on real-time molecular diagnostic technology, with a broad range of applications in microbial detection, personalized drug genetic testing, cancer detection, forensic evidence, and food safety.


Immunochina, established by He Ting in Beijing, manufactures medical products, including cell injections and cell therapy drugs. ImmunoChina also provides medical technology development, medical research, and medical trial development. Be sure to review their profile on LinkedIn.


BiotechSino has its headquarters in Suzhou and was founded by Dai Kaifan. The company operates in the biopharma and medical industry, although more specific details about the company are currently unavailable.

Yannuo Pharmaceutical

Based in Minhang, Shanghai, Yannuo Pharmaceutical is a high tech enterprise focusing on the research and development of complex injections. The company specialises in therapeutic areas such as tumor, contrast agents, anesthesia and pain, establishing itself firmly in the pharmaceutical sector.


GenTarGet, founded by Jihui Yi in Shenzhen, is contributing to the biotechnology, healthcare, medical, and pharmaceutical sectors. More detailed information about its operations and specific contributions are to be found on their official LinkedIn page.


Located in Hangzhou, Yunjian operates in a unique blend of industries: biotechnology, healthcare, information technology, and medical. However, specific details about its operations remain undisclosed at this time.

ImmuneOnco Biopharma

ImmuneOnco Biopharma was established by Wenzhi Tian in Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, Shanghai. This early stage biopharmaceutical company is dedicated to the development and commercialization of novel cancer immunotherapy products designed to reverse cancer cell-induced immune inhibition and to actively eradicate cancer cells.

SC INGIA Biotechnology

SC INGIA Biotechnology, based in Chengdu, operates within the biotechnology, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors. Specific details about its contributions and operations remain undisclosed, but interested readers can learn more via the company’s LinkedIn page.

Despite being relatively new entrants to the market, these companies are demonstrating that they are well-placed to drive biotechnological advancement in China. Their collective efforts signal a promising future for the industry. Beyond that, they signify China’s firm footing on the world stage for biotechnological progression.

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