Danish Biotech Engineering Companies: Innovative Impact in Global Healthcare

January 10, 2024

This article provides a snapshot of emerging companies in the Biotechnology industry who began their journey in 2015 or later, are based in Denmark and are continuing to contribute to the fast-growing technological and biological advancements in their respective sectors. These companies are actively participating in reshaping various industries through their innovative solutions, be it healthcare, agriculture, renewable energy or even the coffee industry. Let us highlight them below:


Founded by Josephine Schrøder, Victor Forman and Will Wright, TychoBio operates in the agriculture and biotechnology sector. The company is developing plant biotechnology to sustainably produce high value natural products using engineered moss grown in photosynthetic bioreactors. Find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Founded by Ole Vorm, Evosep creates solutions to make clinical proteomics faster and more reliable. With their powerful technology, their aim is to radically innovate how protein-based clinical diagnostics are performed. They can be found on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


With founders Claus Thulstrup and Henning Schmidt-Petersen, AquaGreen is an R&D engineering company within the cleantech industry, developing solutions for wastewater sludge treatment and energy-efficient low-grade biomaterials conversion into renewable energy and fertilizer. They are on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Kaffe Bueno

Co-founded by Alejandro Franco, Camilo Fernandez and Juan Pablo Medina, Kaffe Bueno is using green chemistry and biotech to upcycle coffee’s post-consumption by-product into ingredients for cosmetics, nutraceuticals, and functional foods. Check them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

ResoTher Pharma

Founded by Jeppe Ovli Ovlesen, ResoTher Pharma is a biotechnology company focused on developing peptide-based drugs for diseases where inflammation plays a key pathological role. They are active on LinkedIn.

Initiator Pharma

Founded by Claus Elsborg Olesen, Dan Peters and Ulf Simonsen, Initiator Pharma is focusing on developing a novel treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Stay updated by visiting their LinkedIn page.

Hoba Therapeutics

Founded by Kenneth Ahrend Petersen, Hoba Therapeutics is developing a new therapeutic protein for the treatment of neuropathic pain.


BioXpedia A/S is a contract research laboratory providing high quality, cost effective targeted biomarker screening to pre-clinical and clinical researchers. They are found on LinkedIn.

Immumap Services

Funded by Sine Reker Hadrup, Immumap Services offers high-level consultancy services and products to professional customers within immunology and cell biology. Find them on LinkedIn.

Lihme Protein Solutions

Allan Lihme founded Lihme Protein Solutions that employs novel separation techniques to isolate proteins. Check their LinkedIn.

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