Top US-Based Companies Innovating in the CAD Engineering Industry

January 10, 2024

Welcome to another instalment of our series showcasing leading companies within different engineering subsections. This time we’re turning the spotlight onto innovative companies in the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) industry, focusing specifically on businesses headquartered in the United States and founded from 2015 onwards. CAD software is a powerful tool for engineers and architects enabling them to design, analyze, and optimize their work using 2D and 3D digital models. Among the companies presented today, we see an excitingly diverse range of applications for CAD, from 3D printing and retail technology to virtual reality and amusement parks.

The companies we’re featuring in this article are not only pioneering new approaches to CAD, but they’re also leveraging this technology to drive change and innovation within their respective industries. From redefining the retail experience with 3D printing to revolutionizing the construction industry with component-based assembly, these trailblazers are pushing the boundaries of CAD. Read on to discover some of the most compelling businesses operating in the CAD industry today.

Each of the highlighted companies will be presented with a subheading, including some background information, a short bio, and a link to their website. Note: Company names are also clickable, redirecting you to their respective websites. Without further ado, let’s dive in.


With its headquarter positioned in Novato, California, Sur3D is a company operating in the exhilarating intersection of 3D Printing, CAD, and Retail Technology. Founded by Alejandro Lozdziejski and Martina Möring, Sur3D is transforming the retail experience by empowering environments to offer custom product creation experiences live in stores. By leveraging the powers of 3D printing and CAD, Sur3D is making the wonders of 3D printing available to everyone.


Located in Boulder, Colorado, Redeam operates within various industries including Developer APIs, Internet, Mobile Devices, and more. Founded by Alex Kremer, Kevin Mclaughlin, Leith Stevens, and Nathan Probst, this award-winning company is on a mission to empower the growth of tours, attractions, and activities so that more people can enjoy the world. Through its innovative solutions, Redeam is making a true difference in its sectors.

Baya Build

Founded by James Casper, Baya Build operates out of Manhattan, New York, focusing on revolutionizing the construction industry by enabling an efficient design-to-deployment process using component-based assembly for residential and commercial buildings. By replacing the conventional construction method, Baya Build is disrupting the market to deliver high-quality buildings quicker and at a lower cost.

Watts Innovations

Watts Innovations, located in Hunt Valley, Maryland, is making a footprint in the CAD industry as well as Drones, Industrial Manufacturing, Manufacturing, and Product Design sector. Although founders are unlisted, this company is demonstrating exceptional advancements within its industries.


Founded by Ryan Burningham, Virtualities is leading the charge within the Virtual Reality sector. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, this innovative company is the first Virtual Reality cinema in North America and one of the very first VR arcades, helping bring about the VR and AR future.

The Rendering CO.

Headquartering in Miami, Florida, The Rendering CO. is supporting various file formats and system configurations in the CAD, Animation, and Data Visualization sectors, offering extensive services in the 3D CAD file space.

Access Engineering

Located in Denver, Colorado, Access Engineering specializes in providing mechanical design, drafting, 3D modeling, and a plethora of other services in the CAD, Industrial, and Mechanical Engineering industry.

scan 3D

From Poland, Indiana, scan 3D is providing a vast array of engineering services in the 3D Technology, CAD, and Graphic Design sectors. The company provides precise measurements, modeling, CAD model, mesh, and many more services, contributing to advancements in the industry.


Based in East Rutherford, New Jersey, KCL-Solutions provides architectural design, engineering, and visualization services to its clients. They are playing a vital role in the 3D Technology, Architecture, CAD, and Construction sectors by offering comprehensive solutions to customers’ needs.

World of Illumination

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, World of Illumination operates under the Amusement Park and Arcade, Events, Media and Entertainment, Music, and Recreation industries. Although little information is provided about the founders and the company, its innovative approach is imprinted clearly in the markets it serves.


Founded by Peter Nickerson and located in Pine, Colorado, Nickerson is contributing significantly to the Aerospace, CAD, Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering sectors leveraging CAD to drive innovation within its industries.

To conclude, we want to highlight that despite the broad range of industries these companies stretch across, the central thread running through them all is their innovative use of CAD technology. We hope these profiles inspire you and raise your awareness of the manifold possibilities CAD provides across industries.

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