Emerging English Biotechnology Engineering Companies Revolutionising the Industry

January 9, 2024

Biotechnology is a burgeoning industry that is rapidly evolving and transforming various sectors from healthcare to agriculture. Utilising biological systems and living organisms, biotechnology companies aim to develop innovative solutions and products to improve lives and the environment. Today, we spotlight several prominent companies in the field, all born in 2015 or later and headquartered in England. These British biotech companies are at the forefront of scientific advancement, each uniquely contributing to the progress and transformation inherent in this dynamic industry.

Advancements in biotechnology in the 21st century hold the promise of solutions for global challenges, from disease treatments to sustainable agriculture. These pioneering companies stretch the boundaries of what is achievable through bioscience, each contributing their unique solutions to critical problems. Each continues to drive advances in their respective sectors, contributing to the growth and evolution of the biotechnology industry on a global scale.

From London-based Mereo BioPharma, a specialist focused biopharma, to Clustermarket, the leading operating system for life-sciences laboratories, these companies are making notable contributions to their fields. As we dive into the profiles of these trailblazing companies, their commitments to innovation, collaboration and problem-solving are evident, reflecting the essence of biotech.

Mereo BioPharma

Founded in 2015, Mereo BioPharma is dedicated to the development of innovative medicines that can transform lives by targeting rare and specialized conditions. The company focuses on acquiring and advancing the development of drug candidates from large pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies. With a unique blend of team expertise and a partnership with a leading global CRO, the company operates efficiently while conducting comprehensive clinical studies. Mereo’s objective lies in progress through value inflection points before partnering or divesting its products.


Clustermarket is striving to propel research management into the digital age. Their lab management software and marketplace help labs manage, connect, and share resources, democratizing access to expensive equipment and services. This allows life sciences innovators to bring their ideas to market more rapidly than ever before.


Specialising in infectious diseases, Airfinity is a pioneer in predictive health analytics. Combining proprietary surveillance tools and forecast models with expert analysis, the platform provides actionable insights on pipeline developments, standard of care, regulatory trends and demand and supply.


Puraffinity is at the forefront of overcoming imminent water quality challenges. Their technology uses advanced supramolecular chemistry methods to functionalise sustainable materials designed to bind target chemicals, effectively removing highly challenging pollutants from contaminated water and wastewater.

Arix Bioscience

As a global venture capital firm, Arix Bioscience is devoted to investing in groundbreaking biotechnology firms and providing the capital, expertise, and global networks required to turn innovative ideas into substantial new treatments for patients.

Tropic Biosciences

Tropic Biosciences is dedicated to developing high-performing commercial varieties of tropical crops using cutting-edge non-GMO gene editing techniques. The company aims to promote grower wellbeing, consumer health, and improved sustainable environmental practices.

GammaDelta Therapeutics

GammaDelta Therapeutics is harnessing the potential of gamma delta (γδ) cells for the improved immunotherapy of cancer and other serious diseases. The company plans to exploit the unique properties of tissue-resident γδ T cells for effective immunotherapy.

Enara Bio

Employing a science-led approach, Enara Bio is developing new targeted cancer immunotherapies designed to treat a broad patient population. They are focussed on discovering and developing therapeutic vaccines using unique antigens derived from endogenous retroviral (ERV)-related DNA sequences.


Polymateria is advancing science to combat plastic pollution. Their new technology, Biotransformation, completely biodegrades common plastics, leaving no trace of microplastics or environmental harm. Polymateria’s developments are creating a new standard in biodegradable and compostable plastics.

Atlas Biomed Group

Atlas Biomed Group is a personalised health company applying the latest genetic technologies to inspire consumers into a positive lifestyle change and lead them into a healthier future.


Employing its proprietary human organ decellularisation technology, Engitix is developing tissue-engineered products for application in regenerative medicine and drug-target research. The company’s core expertise lies in developing treatment and research for liver diseases.

These British biotech companies are collectively driving the future of the biotechnology industry. Their trailblazing innovations are not only improving lives but are also addressing many of the world’s most pressing environmental and health challenges. As research continues and technology evolves, it is evident that these companies and their contributions will continue to shape the future of biotech in the coming years.

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