Emerging Georgia-Based Manufacturing Engineering Companies Making Strides

January 31, 2024

With the world’s growing demand for high-quality products and services, the manufacturing industry continues to evolve. One region that is notably embracing innovation in this sector is Georgia, United States. Known as one of the top states for business and a hub for technical talent, Georgia has seen a new wave of advanced manufacturing companies emerge in recent years. Many of these firms were established after 2015 and have proven instrumental in the development and prosperity of their respective industries.

From cutting-edge technology solutions to novel product designs, these new generation manufacturers are leveraging various technical disciplines and pushing the boundaries of traditional methods. With a commitment to meeting global standards while improving safety and sustainability, these Georgia-based firms exemplify the innovative spirit of the state’s manufacturing sector. Here, we showcase some of these companies that have made strides in their short existence and contributed to the dynamism of the manufacturing industry.

Each company highlighted below is a beacon in its respective industry, embodying the determination that is characteristic of the manufacturing circuit. From ingenious software solutions to health advancements, these companies prove that Georgia’s manufacturing horizon is vibrant and boundless. Let’s delve into the profiles of these companies.

Black Sea Inspection Company Ltd

A diverse company that operates in agriculture, industrial manufacturing, logistics, real estate, and tourism, the Black Sea Inspection Company Ltd is noted for its perspective investment projects in Georgia under government guaranty.

Aegex Technologies

Under the guidance of founder, Thomas Ventulett, Aegex Technologies has emerged as a global provider of technologically advanced solutions to industries dealing with hazardous and volatile locations. The company’s products, which include industry-leading intrinsically safe tablets and a globally certified IoT platform, have seen usage across 34 countries and are favoured by leading corporations. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

Easy2Install, LLC

Easy2Install, LLC is revolutionizing the electrical distribution and manufacturing industry. The company’s innovative switch and outlet system ensure quick installation and is perfect for both professionals and beginners. Its products promise reduced installation time without compromising safety or quality.


Co-founded by Andrew Lewis and Nagi Gebraeel, PhD, DecisionIQ is revolutionizing the industrial sector using powerful analytics and artificial intelligence. Their GENESIS cloud platform transforms existing plant Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) data, enabling the move to Industry 4.0 power. LinkedIn | Twitter

BioCircuit Technologies

Founded by James Ross, BioCircuit Technologies specializes in the development of noninvasive electrophysiology devices that monitor, control, and repair peripheral nerves. The products provide health professionals with early diagnosis tools and more precise treatment options. LinkedIn

Herb’N Eden

A trailblazer in the cosmetics industry, Herb’N Eden is transforming the manufacturing and use of natural body care products using essential oils and botanical ingredients to deliver high-quality products. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter


A prestigious name in the consumer goods, fashion, manufacturing, and textiles industries, Tegra is known for its global footprint and superior products. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

Nutracap Labs

Nutracap Labs is a notable manufacturer and distributor of supplement products. Offering a host of Nutraceuticals and sports nutrition products, the company has built a reputation for quality. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

Latched and Hooked Beauty

Founded by Tiffini Gatlin, Latched and Hooked Beauty is an innovative manufacturing company specializing in textured synthetic hair extensions for Black women. Facebook | Twitter

The Recreational Group

Co-founded by Ronald Bennett and Steve White, The Recreational Group is a leading provider of residential and commercial recreational surfacing products, significantly contributing to the construction and manufacturing sector. Facebook | LinkedIn

Victory Grips

Victory Grips is a rising player in the B2C, consumer goods, manufacturing, and sporting goods sectors. Facebook | Twitter

The strength of the manufacturing sector in Georgia is evident by the innovative approach and success of the aforementioned companies. Established within the past few years, they signify the vibrant evolution of the industry and promise exciting developments for the future.

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