Emerging Indian Pharmaceutical Engineering Companies Impacting Global Health Solutions

February 9, 2024
In recent years, India has seen a burgeoning rise in the pharmaceutical sector, leading to significant growth in the field of healthcare and research & development. This has led to the emergence of numerous innovative companies that have revolutionized how medical services and products are delivered in the country. This article aims to shine a spotlight on companies launched after the year of 2015 which have made significant strides in the pharmaceutical industry in India. Each of these companies brings something unique to the table, be it novel drug formulations, top-tier healthcare services, cutting-edge research or state-of-art production techniques.

Most of these companies have their headquarters stationed in the city of Ahmadabad, Gujarat, emerging as a global hub for the pharmaceutical sector. These businesses have carved a niche for themselves in different domains of the pharmaceutical industry, such as the manufacturing of medicines, health care provision, industrial, food and beverage, and chemical sectors. They are actively contributing to the growth of the Indian economy and taking the nation a step closer towards self-sufficiency in the health care department.

These companies represent the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of India, challenging the status quo and pushing boundaries to pave the way for a healthier future. Uniquely, they have used technology to their advantage, developing comprehensive websites that offer detailed insights into their operations and offerings, and leveraging social media platforms to connect with their customers. The following is a showcase of these fundamental players of India’s pharmaceutical industry.

Vivanta Industries

Located in Ahmadabad, Gujarat, Vivanta Industries specializes in the food and beverage, industrial, and pharmaceutical sectors. Co-founded by Girish Bhatt, Vivanta is well-perceived for its effective use of technology in its operations.

Zenith Health Care

Zenith Health Care manufactures dosage formulations such as capsules, liquids, ointments, and tablets. These medicines are praised for their remarkable features like purity, longer shelf life, free from side-effects and accurate composition. Their solid dosage formulations in the form of general and beta-lactam tablets, capsules, oral liquids, and dry powder oral suspension are quite popular. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

Saillon Pharma

Saillon Pharma is recognized for its manufacturing, export, import, and trade of pharmaceutical tablets and capsules. Processed by skilled professionals, their medicines are known for their purity, longer shelf life, effective results, are free from side-effects and have accurate composition. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Accuprec Research Labs

Situated in Ahmadabad, Gujarat, Accuprec Research Labs is a prominent entity in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Yash Chemex

Yash Chemex, under the leadership of founder Pritesh Shah, is known for production and selling of dye chemicals. These include dyes, intermediates, reactive dyes, and laminate chemicals, most of which are synthetic and derived from petroleum-based and coal-tar intermediates.

Intas Pharmaceuticals

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