Emerging Lombardia-Based Manufacturing Engineering Companies: A Comprehensive Overview

March 1, 2024

Lombardia, a region in Northern Italy, has become a hub for a growing number of innovative manufacturing companies. These companies, all of which were established in 2015 or later, are notable for their unique factories and manufacturing systems. The businesses highlighted in this article represent a variety of industries – from traditional manufacturing and medical equipment to cutting-edge sectors such as artificial intelligence and internet-connected devices.

These companies are not only shaping the future of manufacturing in Italy – they are creating cutting-edge products and technologies that are impacting the global industry. From AI-driven tools to revolutionary medical devices and energy-efficient lighting systems, these businesses are pioneers in their respective sectors. We’ve compiled a list of these companies, complete with a brief description of their operations and links to their websites.

In highlighting these manufacturing companies in Lombardia, we hope to shed light on the remarkable engineering work that’s being accomplished in this region. These companies, though relatively new, are undoubtedly making strides in their respective fields and contributing significantly to Italy’s manufacturing industry.

AT Embedded Solutions

Headquartered in Trezzano Sul Naviglio, AT Embedded Solutions is an artificial intelligence, computer, information technology, manufacturing, and software company. The company, whose team of founders remains anonymous, offers vital services in its industry. Facebook | LinkedIn

LEDCOM International

LEDCOM International, led by Mauro Tosi, is an electrical distribution, electronics, internet of things, manufacturing, and smart cities company. LEDCOM International’s drivers are revered for their high efficiency and the company is headquartered in Milano. Facebook | LinkedIn


InnovHeart, a medical equipment manufacturing company, was founded by Giovanni Righini. InnovHeart develops transcatheter mitral valve replacement systems to replace incompetent Mitral Valves. They are also based in Milano. LinkedIn

Italian Volt

Located in Gallarate, Italian Volt is an automotive, electric vehicle, lifestyle, manufacturing, transportation company. Co-founded by Adriano Stellino, Nicola Colombo, Valerio Fumagalli, this iconic brand is one to look out for. Facebook | LinkedIn

Effecto Group

Effecto Group, based in San Maurizio D’opaglio, specialises in the engineering and manufacturing of robotics, automation industriale, end of arm tooling, automation, gripping, workholding etc. Twitter | LinkedIn


Founded by Franco Loro piana, SEASE located in Milano, operates within the fashion, manufacturing, men’s, textiles, women’s industries. Facebook | LinkedIn

RubberJet Valley

RubberJet Valley, a chemical industry offering engineered raw materials including polymers, and rubber jet granules also join this list. They are located in Milano.


R.A.W is an Italian med-tech company based in Milano with a mission to change the game in interventional oncology. They develop tech solutions to assist interventional oncologist perform accurate procedures. LinkedIn

Formenti Machinery Relocation

Formenti Machinery Relocation is a Bergamo, Lombardia based company that specializes in the worldwide dismantling and assembly of industrial and commercial machinery. LinkedIn


Based in Milan, Groovy is an electronics, manufacturing, mobile company. Facebook | LinkedIn


Finally, Tradinnovation, located in Soave, Lombardia, supports traditional craft techniques by researching new digital instruments and developing a more customizable design process. The company renowned for manufacturing bags, bamboo, capsule collection, jewels, leather goods, and shoes. Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

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