Emerging UK Manufacturing Engineering Companies Making Significant Industrial Impact

January 31, 2024

In the age when sophisticated technologies are emerging and bringing a revolution to different industries, many engineering companies have taken leaps to join the trailblazing path towards improved systems and processes. Part of this progression is seen in the manufacturing industry, where different levels of automation, digitisation and innovation are incorporated to drive efficiency and productivity. This article showcases the exemplary works of different companies founded in 2015 or later that are operating in the manufacturing industry, specifically located in the United Kingdom.

These companies exemplify the versatile application of engineering in the manufacturing industry; traversing across sectors of beauty, electronics, renewable energy, eyewear, waste management, education, health care, and industrial manufacturing to name a few. Notably, the common denominator among these enterprises is the innovative use of cutting-edge trends and technologies like 3D printing, advanced materials, and digital platforms, to cultivate an eco-friendly and customer-centric approach in delivering their products and services.

The United Kingdom, being one of the leading industrialised nations, is home to these startups. Each of which is founded with a vision to influence their respective niches, whether it’s developing sustainable packaging, providing hardware solutions, or even creating tailor-made eyewear. The following companies, along with their brief descriptions, are the stars of this manufacturing revolution:

Medusa Juice

Based in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, Medusa Juice operates in the Electronics, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing industries. @medusajuiceuk. For more information, visit them on Facebook.


UKSOL is a company operating in the Energy, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Solar sector, located in the heart of London, England.

Forma Eyewear

Established by founders Balazs Slezak and Richard Nagy, this London-based company offers tailor-made eyewear manufactured using 3D printers. They are pioneers in the 3D Printing, Eyewear, Manufacturing industry. Follow them on @formaeyewear or connect with them on LinkedIn.

Bee Cosmetics

Located in Horsham, West Sussex, Bee Cosmetics operates in the Beauty, Cosmetics, E-Commerce, Manufacturing Industry. Interact with them on Facebook or connect via LinkedIn.


Jacopa is a West Bromwich-based company that innovates in the Manufacturing, Technical Support, Waste Management, Water Purification industries. Follow them on @Jacopa_Limited, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


This Winchester-based company serves the Consulting, Education, IT, Internet, Manufacturing, Software industries. Founded by Gabor Kiss, Gabriel Varaljay, Gellert Kispal, and Jozsef Veress, ENVIENTA provides innovators with a hardware-developing platform. Follow their Twitter @envienta or their Facebook page.

3D LifePrints

Based in Liverpool, this company provides a digital planning service for patient-specific devices operating in the 3D Technology, Clinical Trials, Health Care, Hospital, Manufacturing, Product Design industries. Follow them on @3DLifePrints or on Facebook.

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